She’s a social media influencer.. this is what she wears to work

2021.09.23 19:58 OddReaction6 She’s a social media influencer.. this is what she wears to work

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2021.09.23 19:58 SpannerCS99 [EU] Looking for players for FACEIT team

I'm looking for players to put together a FACEIT grind team with a friend of mine. We've both spent a decent amount of time playing and managing competitive CS teams however have both been out of actually playing for a while. Neither of us can shake the CSGO bug and want to put together a team of people to play CS, have some fun and try and grind FACEIT a little at the same time. As such we don't have many requirements but this is what we'd prefer:

- 18+

- From Europe

- Around Level 3/4 FACEIT (we don't really care what your level is but this what level we are currently at)

- Some basic map and nade knowledge would be preferable but not essential

- Must understand that we aren't likely to be playing any tournaments or taking this too seriously, but we do still want it to feel like a team and we do want to grind FACEIT

If you're interested, drop me a message on Discord, Spanner#2412

Steam profile as required. Please don't add me here, I don't pay attention to it
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2021.09.23 19:58 Tht_1X Confused but not stupid…

So recently, I have lost my out-of-state ID. And now I keep looking up how to replace it. But it just all seems so confusing, how do I replace an Tx out-of-state license, in Missouri. Or how do I apply for a Missouri license, with out of state info!?!?
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2021.09.23 19:58 NicNic8 Florida Students Are No Longer Required To Quarantine After Being Exposed To COVID

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2021.09.23 19:58 forumsdackel (Own art) Something i did for artfight last year!

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2021.09.23 19:58 ThailandTommy Using other logos to give impression of affiliation and credibility

Usually, we startups do this to use the brand equity from bigger, more trusted brands.
We all begin in the same way where we have similar webpages where the main landing page will have a bar near the top which is usually taken up with press pull quotes from notable endemic and non-endemic sources - tech papers, WSJ, etc. Good press coverage is make or break. We are happy to include good coverage and hope that there is more good than bad.
All our awards will go on the very top of the landing page, often above the fold. Look at these shiny awards. Aren’t we special?
Finally, our partners logos will be scattered throughout our comms where and when it makes sense. Partnerships are very sign-on-the-line business/media partnerships. These brands give us their credibility in exchange for them being attached to something new, potentially hot and giving them free coverage and further brand awareness. It’s purely a transactional punt for them as a larger company. But, it is recognized by both parties as such. Logo usage is strict and often for limited time.
Enter Intellivision.
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2021.09.23 19:58 foragreattime Hannah is a favorite

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2021.09.23 19:58 earleyandy Corsair Virtuoso - USB/Wireless switch does not work, only connected via wireless

As more information, my issue is that my headset does not have any button work, the USB/Wireless switch, volume wheel and mute button do not work. Also, reducing the volume on my OS, also does not stop me from hearing in my headset. When I flick the switch I can still hear via wireless.
Has anyone seen this before?
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2021.09.23 19:58 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 19:58 sockinhumanform Hi please listen to my band we're pretty twinkly sometimes

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2021.09.23 19:58 Atlantah Impact dial + Franky

Wouldn't it be really good if franky uses the dial technology as a power up? He could absorb melee combat attack and blast the enemy away with actually much damage because he is a cyborg. I'm kinda sad that the skypia tech is not used anymore
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2021.09.23 19:58 brkdncr "Your download request has been received and is under review for download eligibility."

Anyone else get this regularly? It seems like every time i need something i'm not able to get it without bugging support for access.
I've verified my account profile info many times in the past, asked support to find out why i keep getting held up but nothing seems to fix it.
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2021.09.23 19:58 Patient_Berry_6289 I can’t be the only one

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2021.09.23 19:58 rawshank-shedemption Come Join The Casual Deviants. 🔺️New server. 🔺️No wipe. 🔺️ FIBERCRAFT. 🔺️PVP. 🔺️100X HARVEST. 🔺️10x XP. 🔺️Fast taming

Come Join The Casual Deviants. 🔺️New server. 🔺️No wipe. 🔺️ FIBERCRAFT. 🔺️PVP. 🔺️100X HARVEST. 🔺️10x XP. 🔺️Fast taming submitted by rawshank-shedemption to ARKXboxOne [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 19:58 Oricoh Inconsistent Whatsapp notifications

Since WatchOS 8 I don't receive all the notifications from Whatsapp anymore. I though it stopped working completely after the update, but then I do receive some of them at times.
Anyone else noticed that? Any idea how to debug/solve it?
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2021.09.23 19:58 PetetheJuggler Passed Intro to Sociology (67) - REVIEW

Took Intro to Sociology today and passed with a 67 with minimal to almost no studying. I didn’t need this one for my degree but figured I’d take it just to write a review on it.
I watched a few of the Crash Course videos on it and looked over the practice questions from the College Board’s study guide. Oddly, I think those questions were much harder than what actually appeared on the test.
Pretty simple test all in all. A lot of people here have said it’s been the easiest in their experience. I’d say it’s up there in my top five of easiest tests.
I’d recommend knowing major sociologists and just being able to know their theories and areas of work. Know who Comte, Marx, Weber, and Durkheim are.
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2021.09.23 19:58 arcphoenix13 My children, I must tell you a story.

It was right before the pandemic started. And I was out of work for more than a year. And of course desperate. I went through a temp agency. I got a dishwashing job at a big fancy government building. That served galas and stuff.
It started out okay. But 8 hours in. Me not having worked for more than a year. I was dying lol. I had welding jobs before working 10 to 12 hours. By hour 9 I was done. Mentally I mean. I wanted to go home. 8 dollars ain't worth that.
We were taking a break. And I just straight up asked the second highest payed (after the head chef) how much he makes. He had been working there for 10 years! He made 10 dollars an hour! This. 50 something year old man, 10 dollars an hour working one of the hardest jobs I had ever witnessed.
We are talking about a place that feeds thousands! Of people. I was just awestruck. And I realized. He was a much stronger person than I could ever be. I would have killed myself. I was amazed by him.
I told him straight up. You need to quit. Why would you do this to yourself? I told all the other temp workers too. About the place I know of that is always hiring. Their conditions are shitty compared to other jobs. But that place was heaven compared to this fucking place.
I'm a welder. And 10 dollars an hour is like the minimum. I had promised myself years ago that I wouldn't do service industry jobs again. And that reminded me why. That shit was soul crushing.
The temp agency asked if I wanted to do that job. Forgetting my previous experiences. I was like what the hell, I will try it. I will never make that mistake again.
The temp agency was like. Yeah they don't want you to work for them again. For leaving early. I worked 10 hours! After a fucking year of doing literally no physical work. I felt like I was going to throw up. I hadn't eaten anything because I knew it was going to be rough. So I was retching. But there was nothing to throw up.
I replied. Yeah. What a coincidence. I never want to be a dishwasher again. And that was that.
I went to that temp agency. Because they were advertising welding jobs the mother fuckers. When I asked them about the welding jobs. They said they don't have any right now. So I gave their other jobs a chance.
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2021.09.23 19:58 Broiled_Fish_980 Uh, I forgot.

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2021.09.23 19:58 fatheroftux Left leg just a TAD off…

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2021.09.23 19:58 DaniChicago Veterans Clinic Sues Air Force in Proposed Nationwide Class Action

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2021.09.23 19:58 StationNo3770 92 Overall Paint Beast maxed badges 67% rec win percentage Looking to make a rec squad xb1

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2021.09.23 19:58 MindlessNote3735 I (f/27) think I just ended a five year long friendship and I'm not sure if I overreacted

I'm on mobile, sorry. Also crying so sorry for any mistakes.

I've been friends with Alexandra (24/f) for five years. We met at a mutual job and got close fairly fast. Alexandra is from Greek and was at that point fairly new to Germany. She was clearly lonely and stuck in a very unhealthy relationship, so she clung to me somewhat. But I genuinely loved and appreciated her somewhat naive optimism and her outlook on life and so I really welcomed how close we got.

Three years ago I moved to a different city so whenever I came back to my hometown, one of my priorities was to hang out. Alexandra had this habit of not telling me important things in her life until I either specifically ask about them ("how was that phone call with you dad") or we meet in person. Meaning that oftentimes us meeting up would develop into hours of just catching up and me more and more exasperatedly saying "why didn't you tell me when it happened?".
She calls me her best friend but while I went along with that for a whole, I soon figured that she wasn't really what I'd consider a best friend. I don't tell her every detail going on my life bc I know she wouldn't be interested. She had no clue about video games and finds them silly. She isn't all that culturally interested so I don't tell her about books I read or art studios/galleries I've visited. In general I noticed I only tell her about the big things going on in my life because while she'll say "oh that's cool", she's not really interested in the minutae.
The biggest problem we've had since the beginning of our relationship is, however, that she is always late. ALWAYS. No matter how important, no matter how clear I make it that she needs to be on time. We had a big fight two years ago when I came into town for a visit and in between visiting family, I carved out an afternoon just for the two of us. When she didn't show up half an hour after our appointed time, I called her only to find out she was still at home cuddling with her cats. I was MAD. Told her right then and there to never disrespect my time like that again, that time is all we have in life and that I felt she was extremely inconsiderate.
She promised change.

Since then she has shown up late to two of my birthday dinners, one of which she made us late for our reservations which then fell through. She got late to the airport for our flight to Italy in 2019. She ditched me TWICE mere hours before she was supposed to come visit me at my place.

Today was the last straw. I'm currently visiting my folks today and initially we were supposed to hang out all day today. She had to go in for work short notice so we rescheduled for dinner. She told me she'd pick me up at 5:30. An hour later she was still not here. I called her and she told me she'd be there within the hour. Guess who wasn't there within the hours? I call her again, she's at home (??) chilling with her boyfriend. I ask her when she's getting here. She tells me she's just about to leave. And hour later she's still not here.
I've had enough. I'm beyond frustrated. I tell her that she's wasted my time yet again and I'm so done with her bullshit. She immediately calls me back (so not even on her way yet) frantic, telling me not to be like that, that she's Greek and that they're just like that and that I shouldn't be so typically German and just go with the flow a little. I ask her "what flow? You mean where you've been ditching me all evening? Where I'm sitting here waiting for you?". She gets whiney, apologizes and say she'll drive over now. I tell her not to bother, that I've had enough.
I hung up and blocked her and now I'm sitting here feeling so conflicted and sad. Not because our friendship is (potentially) over but because I feel so humiliated and dumb. Just sitting here waiting for someone who apparently considers me her best fiend but who can't even show up.
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2021.09.23 19:58 Not__A__Furry PSA for those in the Norfolk, VA area.

I just found out today that Emerson’s Cigars is no longer stocking General snus.
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2021.09.23 19:58 Necessary-Tourist-70 Lunch time haul

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2021.09.23 19:58 chucklesduck Issues with Tasmota WiFi Bulb?

Issues with Tasmota WiFi Bulb? Clicking on configuration takes almost a full 5 mins to load the page and the console does not show the usual text it is just empty.
I recently updated my Tasmota wifi bulbs to version 9.5.0 due to Home Assistant changing things. But ever since the upgrade the bulbs have had about a 10 second response time when turning on or off. Also when I go to the IP of the bulb the page just sits there and spins and is difficult to operate with pages taking several mins to load anything I click on. Before the update, I was using version 9.3.0 and it worked great and snappy. Has anyone experienced this issue? I would love some ideas on how to fix this.
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