[RAINY MUSIC BOX LOFI] Yakuza 0 - "Baka Mitai" Cover

2021.09.23 20:11 elendelle [RAINY MUSIC BOX LOFI] Yakuza 0 - "Baka Mitai" Cover

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2021.09.23 20:11 angeldust69 Hey y’all I have a blinds plug!

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2021.09.23 20:11 DarthxRequiem Why are we still using an ancient method to tell time?

If ancient Egyptians made time by looking at the sun, stars and moon and divided the day into ten hours with the added two twilight hours at each end of the 10 hours in ~147 B.C with the moon slowing the Earths rotation all that time, thus changing the time in our days. Wouldn't that make telling time that way today obsolete? Or even in the 1850s-1900s for that matter, why did we never modernize time telling?
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2021.09.23 20:11 Undeguy No Win Scenario on PS4 not counting towards Campaign event.

Like the title states, the event isn't counting towards the campaign on PS4, even though it did on the PC (my Jemmy on PC has a promo box waiting to be opened).
The campaign event page isn't listing it as part or anything being live. And of course, I didn't get any progress points when I did the TFO.
So... unless they decided to change the campaign to differ it from the PC at this point (not sure why they would), there should be an emergency patch coming real soon.
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2021.09.23 20:11 Be-he-life Someone asked about iconic songs or classic songs or best of all time…

I said 93 til infinite but man… My world premier by peanut butter Wolf and karizma IS HARD AF. the whole feel of it is simple but stylish af.
What do y’all think about this track??
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2021.09.23 20:11 Old_Man_Robot The length of the Cooldown on Elemental Shards is very disappointing.

It’s about twice as long as is really necessary for the power of elemental wells and their existing internal Cooldown on generation in the first place.
I had a build planned as well with Glacial Harvest. Turns out that also has a Cooldown.
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2021.09.23 20:11 lokertr SB36514 firmware updated?

Vizio_Support has the firmware yet been updated to fix all the connection issues? I just purchased this and I am debating just telling the UPS guy to take it back based on all of the stuff I have seen here. I had seen some mention of an update coming soon to resolve the issues...but I have not seen any updates on that front.
So is it out? Do you have an ETA?
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2021.09.23 20:11 rivia_jr1 This is going to be irrelevant but both Hero and Sephiroth have their trailers based on which ending in World of Light. And we haven’t seen The True Ending yet.

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2021.09.23 20:11 allaboutbeautycb What Would You Choose ❓

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2021.09.23 20:11 Pip-Pirrup Avalanche's Annunen is Ready for North American Adjustment

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2021.09.23 20:11 jhowe20416 Someone resend the discord link plz

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2021.09.23 20:11 fun4morethan1 I think I’m toxic, and I want to change.

My boyfriend (38/m) and I (36/f) have been in a relationship for over five years.
We’ve both always been very intense with our emotions and when we argue, it’s always “the end” or both of us are “done”. In reality, I never really want to be done.
This man came into my life and his blue eyes and kind spirit made me feel like I was the only woman in the world. Im assuming he used to feel the same way.
Our relationship has been through a LOT. A miscarriage. A loss of my dog who was like my child. He purchased a home and we’ve made it ours. He supported me financially while I went to school.
This pandemic has put us both through the ringer financially, and it adds insane amounts of stress to our situation. I’ve fallen into a depression that makes it hard to apply for work despite my advanced degrees and I am sure it makes me less attractive. He’s been depressed and is not a communicator, and I’ve been depressed and unable to show him love in the ways he needs. (Im still just trying to live day to day). Friends say we are toxic to each other (and we may be.)
I don’t want to list all of the things he has or hasn’t done in our relationship because it doesn’t matter all that much. I can’t control his behavior, I can only control my own. I’ve been in a cone of depression lately and the other night, I was at a retail store and a man followed me through the store and asked me for help while exhibiting an erection in his pants. It felt very violating and humiliating and I came home and wanted to talk about it. He had a bad day as well. Instead of wanting to talk or listen or be supportive I yelled at him for trying to finish my sentences. I stormed out and left. I went to a bar and began drinking. Then I crane home and said some completely abusive things to him. I don’t even remember because I was so intoxicated. What he has revealed I said to him is plain disgusting. Im ashamed. Im ashamed I didn’t make us a snack and listen. I know I’m in a very depressed state. This isn’t who I am in any sense of the word. It’s like im acting out in a reflection of how disgusting I feel on the inside.
Years ago, I discovered a kink of his that he hid from me, that he was “following” many sex workers on social media outlets. I felt completely inadequate and it stirred up a lot of insecurity for me. This made me feel like I was cheated on and it’s something that I am having a hard time moving past. When we argue or if I were to drink too much it comes back out of hiding and I say cruel and humiliating things to him about it. Last night I even used a slur. I never even use this word in my regular vocabulary or at all. I used the “f” word that is a homophobic slur in regards to him.
He has broken up with me and told me I can stay as long as I need till I find a place. I said I wanted to break up but I don’t.
I love this man. I HATE myself for letting those ugly things out. The words and thoughts and nasty insecurities.
How can I properly apologize? How can I properly stop being this way? He doesn’t deserve it and this is such disgusting behavior from me.
Where do I even start? I see a therapist, but I want him to know I see how disgusting I was to him. He may never take me back— I certainly don’t deserve it. But how can I prevent myself from being this way? How can I ever make it right?
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2021.09.23 20:11 Habs3125 Ducharme says they knew a couple of weeks ago Carey Price wouldn't be available to practice. "he's on the ice right now, he's skating." Said they have a plan to pick up his training as we approach the season. Expectation he'll be ready to play opening night.

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2021.09.23 20:11 corahearts6 Progress

I started CBT yesterday finally after waiting for months!! The therapist was really nice and I’m very excited to start to see an improvement. Hopefully I can finally iron out my anxieties and commitment issues and have a normal relationship without projecting all of my worries onto it :D
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2021.09.23 20:11 big_gonads Ranchero Gold RTO for Melior ($MLR) changing to ticker $RNCH - huge upside potential with this one

Extremely interested in Ranchero Gold when they are listed as $RNCH, this will happen following the announced $5M closing in RTO with Melior Resources ($MLR).
Ranchero Gold holds a strong opportunity for huge returns and core to that promise is with their flagship Santa Daniela project situated in the hot Sierra Madre Gold Belt (Mexico). Their location is key, they are adjacent to the Alamos Gold mine (MC C$4B) and 2 other mines owned by Agnico Eagle (~$18B MC). What's critical in this proximity is that Alamos Gold's pilot operation, Mulatos Mine, is under 3.5km away (~1 mile), which when initiated increased their valuation to their $4B MC!
Ranchero's Santa Daniela mine is expected to produce 150,000oz+ gold this year, this mine has MILLIONs of ounces of gold in both reserve and reso urce. With significant exploration already conducted with minimum drilling there's significant upside potential for investors. The drilling that has been completed include grades and intervals of:

Furthermore, aside from the clear excitement that the flagship Santa Daniela mine brings, there is a massive amount of insider ownership happening as well with the Mazon family owning 70% OS shares for $RNCH - they are one of the most successful entreprenurial families in Mexico - that level of wealth literally does not have the time to mess around.
I will definitely be in once they come back to trade as $RNCH!
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2021.09.23 20:11 TechnicusTrading Dell Technologies Inc. (DELL) Technical Overview

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2021.09.23 20:11 AsparagusSlow5877 💎 TRENDY 💎 | The token you can spend on luxury products ⌚️👜💻 | Join us on Telegram

🎉 Trendy is a deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain that offers features like buy-back, auto-liquidity generating mechanism and static rewards on every transaction.
🛒 Trendy has actual use cases that are almost completely developed, our ecommerce of luxury products will be launched in a month! 🔜
👥 Trendy team is active and wants to give people a way to directly spent tokens and buy luxury products ANONIMOUSLY 👻
🚀 Fair launch! No whales, no bots, get ready for take off 🚀
Token information:
💰 1 Trillion total supply
🥞 950 Billion PancakeSwap allocation (95%)
💻 5 Billion dev-wallet (5%)
🚨 Devs have a withdraw limit of 20BNB a week from their wallet, DUMP IMPOSSIBLE.
💵 11% total transaction tax
⚡️Static Rewards: 2% of each transaction rewards holders in $TRENDY: hold and earn.
📈 BuyBack Mechanics: 6% of each transaction is used by our contract to buy back and burn tokens, maintaining the price and saving the holders from massive dumps.
🤝 Marketing: 3% distributed to the marketing wallet and used to finance community proposals.
Security of Trendy:
🤖 Built-in bot recognition system.
🔥 Burn tokens on every buyback.
Official links:
💻 Website: http://trendy.finance
🐥 Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrendyToken
✔️ Telegram: https://t.me/TrendyToken
📄 Whitepaper: https://trendy.finance/assets/whitepaper.pdf
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2021.09.23 20:11 FrankWright578 Cologne..............

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2021.09.23 20:11 kingandrxw Paradox Condos

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2021.09.23 20:11 Saxithon Accidentally dropped HS70 on the floor, volume knob stopped working (partly)

Hi everyone!
So, yesterday I dropped my HS70 on the floor and now whenever the volume dial is on the "medium" volume range, the sound just flat out does not work. quiet and loud works fine.
So, is it possible to disassemble the headphone to see whats wrong, or is it not even worth the effort?
It might be worth noting that the affected range on the dial is also a bit "harder" to rotate.
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2021.09.23 20:11 nosleepbrooklynn illuminati is real

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2021.09.23 20:11 EdwardHayes68 Cheese out of Love

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2021.09.23 20:11 jcp236 ID on this font? Thanks y’all, this forum does wonders

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2021.09.23 20:11 fishahh Vape at a great price

FYI to all those looking for a vape. The Arizer Solo (v1) is currently on sale for $40. Im willing to share link if allowed but won’t do so until I receive permission. Hope everyone is well!
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2021.09.23 20:11 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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