Dealbreaker for you?

2021.09.23 19:29 Spirited_Outside1583 Dealbreaker for you?

Is armpit hair on a woman a dealbreaker for you?
It’s not a dealbreaker for me, but I’m just genuinely curious what everybody else thinks.
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2021.09.23 19:29 jesseloverojas Surprising Best Friends on Vacation!! (Jesse Rojas) this guys is the new David Dobrik!!

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2021.09.23 19:29 MulberryBreakfast What do you like to see in a well-built world? What do you look for?

What makes a world really come alive for you? What are the essential components that make you really feel like you were just transported to a whole new, & very real, place?
I would love to hear your perspectives! I have a vague idea of what makes a world very real to me, but I find hearing others views a great way to open the mind & clarify one's own ideas as well.
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2021.09.23 19:29 cleareyeswow Haven’t seen them together yet, will delete if already posted. I see only the red A in my iPhone app. Wut mean.

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2021.09.23 19:29 Astronaut82 I have literally seen Chirag Falor's photo on the banner of every coaching institute in my city

lmao. There's no way he attended all of them right?
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2021.09.23 19:29 _itzraj [H] $100 Amazon GC [W] 84% USDT (Binance)

4 * $25
84% USDT (Binance). PayPal not accepting currently.
Comment before PM
Will go first with higher rep only.
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2021.09.23 19:29 makeit52 Got this ole’ girl from the shelter almost a year ago and her name is still ‘Kitty’. Top comment renames her.

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2021.09.23 19:29 SavoryRhubarb Can someone please explain Bobby B’s quote, "did you ever make the eight"?

I’ve searched but cannot find it.
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2021.09.23 19:29 DeepFuckingCat Zombie cat gets put to extinct!@!#

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2021.09.23 19:29 iwtbhKacper Chęć porozmawiania z ex

Co zrobić w przypadku kiedy czuję wewnętrzną potrzebę porozmawiania ze swoją byłą dziewczyną? Chciałbym z nią powspominać to co było między nami, porozmawiać o rzeczach, których bałem się zrobić w relacji, pośmiać się z tego co razem przeżyliśmy, opowiedzieć jej jak się czułem jakie wtedy czułem emocję. Chciałbym poznać jej perspektywę relacji, jak ona się czuła i przez co zadecydowała o tym aby skończyć to co było między nami. Chciałbym z nią o tym wszystkim szczerze porozmawiać. Po zakończeniu związku zostaliśmy przyjaciółmi i jest między nami naprawdę fajnie, rozmawiamy i czasem rzucimy żartem o malinkach jakie sobię zrobiliśmy czy inne takie. Chciałbym z nią o tym porozmawiać, ale boję się jej reakcji, wiem że ona ruszyła dalej i zastanawiam się czy taka rozmowa była by na miejscu. Myślę, że taka rozmowa pomogła by mi zamknąć ten rozdział, ale też nie chcę aby ona poczuła się źle przez tą rozmowę. Nie mam do niej żadnego żalu ani nic, chciałbym poznać tylko odpowiedzi na pytania, na które ja sam nie znam odpowiedzi.
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2021.09.23 19:29 TitoJones Beaten and bruised KAC

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2021.09.23 19:29 keebo117 New york wedding

Hi guys, just looking for some information on getting married in NYC travelling from the UK. Is it a worthwhile thing to do and where do you even begin??
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2021.09.23 19:29 rapid_r6 Arsh2411 using slurs.

Arsh2411 using slurs.
Uplay: Arsh2411
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2021.09.23 19:29 DurpLord3rd ITS HERE BOYS!!

Aftershocks is finally here!!! I can't wait to get home and play it!!
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2021.09.23 19:29 skipcredit Skip The Dishes - 🍔🍟 Hungry? Sign up with Skip The Dishes today and get $5 off your first delivery or pickup order over $15 🍔🍟

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2021.09.23 19:29 fileradicand a very confusing girl

I've been talking to this girl for around 6 months now and she's been back and forth between having feelings for me, she would state that she didn't know if it was the right thing to do or not constantly and wouldn't ever tell me the real reason why she didn't want a relationship, but she would tell me how she loves talking to me, hanging out with me, and how great of a person I am, but just recently it came down to it and I was done so I was like "what's the real reason" and she said "I don't see a future with us" which didn't make any sense based off of prior compliments she had given me, and I have brought this up to her and she just made me feel like an asshole for trying to figure out something that made 0 sense.
I don't know what to do should I cut her off, or should I distance myself from her?
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2021.09.23 19:29 J321J New game - Where's Brando? #01 (It looks like Brandon already has a cameo in the show...)

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2021.09.23 19:29 Any_Faithlessness561 amp sim

Will blackstar amp with usb work as an audio interface for using Bias FX 2 . I am newbie to electric guitar
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2021.09.23 19:29 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 19:29 TomBarnaby Coalition!'s 1 Year Anniversary: Legislative Highlights

B1204 - Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Bill
Sir TomBarnaby
Of all the bills I have worked on drafting during my time in Parliament, this one stands out as my proudest, and perhaps most consequential. Protecting children, for that is what all under-18s are, from exploitation through marriage or civil partnerships, is a measure that will do far more to prevent suffering and misery than anything else I have done as a politician. B1204 is a straightforward piece of legislation - it was relatively simple and easy to write - but that does nothing to dampen its impact. It goes to show, ultimately, what an enormous impact a piece of paper with a few hundred words on it can have on this country’s most vulnerable people. It is the type of thing that makes politics worthwhile.
B1159 - Stamp Duty Land Tax (Temporary First-time Buyers Relief) Act 2021
Sir Tommy2Boys
For years, the country has had an obsession with paying for every spending proposal and every income tax cuts by hiking Land Value Tax. Whilst this makes numbers add up on a spreadsheet, successive governments have forgot a budget is so much more than that. It’s created an uneven and unfair tax system where owning a home becomes out of reach for so many due to the tax they will pay once they own it. We continue to argue for reform of LVT but in the short term we passed this Act to make it cheaper for first time buyers to get on the housing ladder in the first place, cutting costs for them by exempting them from Stamp Duty. Home ownership is a core tenant of Coalition!’s vision for the United Kingdom, and we’ll continue to fight hard for it.
B1262 - Locomotives (Prohibition of Sales and Use) Bill 2021
Sir Model-Ceasar
Even though it is currently going through Parliament and has yet to become law, this has got to be the one bill I am most proud of. The world is no stranger to the climate change crisis, many people across the globe talk about it, every school teaches it, and drastic weather shows it. Yet too often, little action is taken to combat it. While banning the sale and purchase of petrol and diesel trains from 2030, and their subsequent use from 2040, is not a fix-all for global warming, it is a big step in the right direction. Reducing pollution, combating climate change, improving the environment are all things that make this country a nicer place to live in for us, for our children, and for our future descendants. And if that isn’t what politics is about, then I don’t know what is.
B1253 - Computer Misuse (Amendment) Bill 2021
Sir CountBrandenburg
Our computer misuse bill is landmark in delivering crucial justice reform to an act that was first made in 1990 - long before computers were widespread and society understood what sort of activities an ordinary person can be involved in. This bill sought specific offences for unauthorised access causing serious damages, and limit the scope of damages resulting from unauthorised damages. In that sense, this bill also brings clarity to white hat workers who may be certain that if their actions are well intentioned for security, they no longer have to navigate a fairly broad use of unauthorised access. The same with making access for the public interest - Parliament rightfully passed a public interest defence within the official secrets act - this brings that defence and burden to data processing. These reforms are vital for the strengthening of our democracy and I am proud to have received cross party support upon introduction of my bill with C!.
B1126.2 Virginity Testing (Ban) Act
Dame SapphireWork
I am incredibly proud to have been coauthor on this piece of legislation, and it has the distinction of being the first piece of Coalition! legislation to have been granted Royal Assent. This Act bans not only the practice of so-called virginity testing- an invasive procedure with no medical foundation- but also makes it an offense for anyone to assist in the process. Virginity testing is cruel and has deep misogynistic roots, and this legislation gained near universal support from Members of Parliament. I am also proud of this legislation because it is an example of what I believe Coalition! stands for: common sense legislation that has tangible benefits for the people of the United Kingdom, that presents our great nation as global leaders in policy and human rights, and that persons of all political leanings can support.
Thames River Regeneration Bill
Dame Amber_Rudd
The name of this bill will be some surprise to many, no doubt people will be asking themselves what is this bill? I do not remember it? Whilst many will not be familiar with it, those in Coalition! will be. Over the past month, we have undertaken an extensive consultation process with communities around the Thames River basin about undertaking new investment to both mitigate the future effects of climate change particularly flooding on the region and to regenerate some of the poorest communities in the UK. This bill will soon be released and we are excited to see the expansive regenerative program that could soon be unleashed. Coalition! Is at its heart a party of living standards, existing to promote the bread and butter common good. What we are soon to unveil promotes living standards today and ensures they continue long in to the future.
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2021.09.23 19:29 tinderdate182 Community Forestry/AgroForestry

Hey all, interested in researching Community Forestry and/or Agroforestry. Here looking for resources. Anything helps, thank you!
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2021.09.23 19:29 coreyZotic Do I need unemployment or any other program?

I was working for over a Year and a half for a company, I fell ill and couldn't continue the work. The ShortTermDisability benefits does not cover my illness. Im currently still employed with the company but not working or getting paid.
Im working on opening up my own company but need some income to help with my bills for about 1-3 months. Im confident about my business being profitable in about 3 months but just need help with income in the meantime.
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2021.09.23 19:29 BreakLegosaurus How to clear 6 inventory slots using your chest piece Q_Q

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2021.09.23 19:29 Ok_Seaworthiness_984 ?Please fill out my survey, it's for my AP government class and I will be presenting the results in class. The first question is kind of silly but the rest of them are serious questions and would like you all to answer as honestly as possible

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2021.09.23 19:29 Both-Passage-7466 [H]5TB Onedrive Office 365 Pro (Lifetime) [W] -$4- Paypa/BTC/

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