[HIRING] Need a consultant on Jelastic Cloud Hosting (NodeJS, MongoDB, Nginx)

2021.09.23 19:36 Manidos [HIRING] Need a consultant on Jelastic Cloud Hosting (NodeJS, MongoDB, Nginx)

Hey! I'm working on a project and looking for a platform where it could be hosted and scaled. At first glance Jelastic seems to be quite suitable for my needs, but I'm not completely sure. I have some questions I'd like to ask. I'm willing to pay 20$ for 30 minutes of your time. If it doesn't seem fair to you message me and we'll figure something out.
I'll pay in Bitcoin Cash
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2021.09.23 19:36 townshame Asked to build full stack app for work, have no idea how. Please help!

Small company environment, someone has to get it done and I don't mind at all, I love learning new stuff, but I know close to nothing about web development. I'm not asking anyone to do the work for me, I just need advice on how to get started, which tools to use, which tutorials to watch/read if any, etc...
The project:
The constraints are that I have to use Flask and MySQL.
The front end is initially a series of 4 drop down menus that are used to filter out the database and ultimately return a single row from it. Once a first value has been chosen from one of those drop downs, the database is filtered (maybe using pandas?) to only allow access to the rows containing that value for that column. After the 4th drop down menu value is chosen, the database returns a single unique row.
The database contains much more than 4 columns though. Certain column (parameters) values are user-modifiable and others are immutable, and at that point (once a single row is returned), options should be displayed to allow the user to modify the modifiable parameters (give them new values) and also show the user the values of the immutable parameters.
Once the user is done modifying what they want to modify, they should be able to add that complete, modified row to a list using an "add" button or something like that. The list should be modifiable also, so that a row can be deleted from it and the order of the rows can be changed.
Once a row has been added to the list, the user should be able to repeat the process of filtering the database (completely differently from their first choices if they want) and add another row to the list. Rinse and repeat.
Once the user is satisfied with the list of complete, modified rows retrieved from the database, they should be able to download a CSV file containing those rows.
What I have so far:
I have the database in MySQL that I access with mysql.connector.
I have a very basic front end with 4 boxes (not the menus I need). The user can input values in those and click "download". The app then goes to another page where I retrieve the variable values from those boxes, find the right row in my database and download it onto the user's computer.
What I need:
The problem is that none of the other functionality is implemented. I don't know how to read a variable value on the same page it was inputted, do something with it, then read another value only once the user inputs it, do something with that, etc...without going to other web pages.
I think it's called asynchronous code?
I also need it to look very good, to be visually appealing, and I have no idea how to do that. I downloaded something called Bootstrap and it kind of "prettyfied" what I already had, but it's far from what I need.
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2021.09.23 19:36 FilmVsAnalytics Need to start 3 WRs. Start DJ Moore (WR4) tonight, or gamble that Nuk (DNP) will be healthy on Sunday? Full PPR.

Hopkins is questionable and didn't practice today. My other two WRs are healthy must starts, so it's between Nuk (WR2) and Moore (WR4) in the 3rd WR spot. No flex, full PPR.
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2021.09.23 19:36 meg09002 Amex Platinum and CSP

I have the option for a $125k Amex platinum bonus. I also have the CSP where I have accrued $120k points. We will be going on our honeymoon in 2023 to hopefully New Zealand pending Covid. Is it worth it for me to get the platinum? Could I use the platinum for a year then downgrade to avoid the yearly fee?
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2021.09.23 19:36 ffdw2wxxf After having doubts I have officially left Islam, need help and encouragement.

After having lots of doubts on Islam, I have came to the conclusion that it's wrong and I won't find inner peace with it, I have therefore converted to Buddhism.
Instead of following Mo I'll be following Siddhartha Gautam who atleast wasn't a pedo warlord.
Wish me luck in achieving Nirvana, and thank you for exposing the reality of muzzies to me.
I just need help with how to acquire a statue of Buddha.
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2021.09.23 19:36 Zomics Dynasty 1QB

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2021.09.23 19:36 Cqpt Finally did the Hardcore run to complete this.

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2021.09.23 19:36 Kingjt17 What movie characters death made you cry?

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2021.09.23 19:36 Yuma39 A new drawing from Gou manga artist for today's episode + today's manga chapter will have an announcement

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2021.09.23 19:36 DatBoisGrag iClicker

Where can I get a cheap iClicker for my phys class?
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2021.09.23 19:36 lo_REZ90 Radiohead bangers that don’t get enough love?

Present Tense (AMSP) for me. What’s yours?
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2021.09.23 19:36 danewdruid_93 Looking for a ?mentor? (Not sure if that's the word..)

No need for a background story from me.. whoever is meant to help me will help in their own way. My story of my past wouldn't matter in this decision really... I want someone who is experienced in Astral Projection, medicinal herbs, and ceremony/ritual practices.. no selfish intentions, I don't want to "do magic" or "fly" like many others think this is..I want to BE better..I know this is where I need to be.. thanks in advance ❤✌
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2021.09.23 19:36 MassEffectFan98 ?

Wie kann es eigentlich sein dass die Drachenlord Subs immer relativ schnell gebannt werden, jedoch das chris Chan sub nicht ?
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2021.09.23 19:36 Cantaloupe_Expert £50 near max th14

For sale I have my personal near max th14 account. I’ve had the account for many years but as I’m going into college I just can’t keep playing sadly. You will gain full access to the account + email so you can change anything you want. Buildings are max / near max and troops are all max / near max + heroes. Id like PayPal F&F only please and not going first:)
The account is leader of my level 17 English clan but we will have to talk about the price of that as I don’t know how much clans are.
Please message me on discord or Instagram! :)
Discord - Octavia#3914
Instagram - toby.0_0
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2021.09.23 19:36 Krump999 Never heard of this website so it's most likely a scam. But it claims to have Gingerbread Snap'd in stock.

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2021.09.23 19:36 FiFou318 My cousin, born in 2010, is not cringe at all and he is a redditor

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2021.09.23 19:36 somebodystealthecook Fixed it

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2021.09.23 19:36 A35821363 October 30. On this date in 1991, the UHJ forwarded to select NSAs the "copy of a letter...to a believer who is an academic and who requested that consideration be given to changing the Bahá’í administrative policy requiring prepublication review of manuscripts authored by Bahá’ís."

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2021.09.23 19:36 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 19:36 TheTygerrr most recent one^^ [OC]

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2021.09.23 19:36 knbook 19F, salaried at a little over $50,000/yr, AMA

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2021.09.23 19:36 Sam_Thornton16

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2021.09.23 19:36 Bot-alex Revealed: UK forces linked to deaths of nearly 300 Afghan civilians

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2021.09.23 19:36 o_gui_blindao New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself!
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2021.09.23 19:36 lmentiras99 Ultimate Bomb Squad is having a level design contest

Ultimate Bomb Squad is having a level design contest
Ultimate Bomb Squad is a fast-paced loud stealth platformer where you have to be fast, be stylish, and be careful, because every sound you make has consequences. Defuse bombs, deceive enemies, avoid hazards, shoot and shout your way to save the day now, tomorrow and yesterday.
UBS is currently holding a custom stage design contest with a 50$ Steam Gift Card as the prize to the winning stage. The theme of the contest is " Hidden Rooms". The rules are as follows:
  • Judging will be done on the following categories in a 1-5 scale
    • Looks
    • Challenge/Difficulty
    • Followed the theme
  • Stages must meet the theme in order to qualify to be judged
  • Stages can be designed in either the demo or the alpha
  • Contest will last four days from Wednesday to Saturday
  • Only one stage per participant
If you are interested in participating please join the UBS discord at https://discord.gg/rcdMKSUR
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