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2021.09.23 20:30 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 20:30 nobody65 Psaki Announces Border Patrol Agents Will No Longer Use Horses in Response to False 'Whip' Narrative

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2021.09.23 20:30 NotherSmartyPants HyperDeflate | First Use-Case is now live! | Second Hosted AMA on the 27th | Under 1M MC

HDFL | HyperDeflate utility and adoption progress are both absolutely roaring. Acceptance of HDFL for services rendered is now live. That’s right, functioning utility for under $1m market cap. Don’t miss this opportunity.

HDFL has set out to create an all-in-one, trusted platform for investors and developers alike. Web3 capability will be released for higher level information access in following iterations of the products.
DoxxLocker is one of two use cases, which will generate ad revenue, offer due diligence reporting and be a free education resource for cryptocurrency investors. The second use case will be an app which will easily scan for common scams using a contract address alone.

News and Highlights:
• 📢 Second hosted AMA scheduled for the 27th!
• 📃Three DoxxLocker reports released to the public
• 💲 Major Outside Investor
• 5,700+ holders. Amazing team and community that constantly delivers!
• CoinTiger Exchange listed
• CoinsBit Exchange listed
• CG/CMC Listed
• First crypto currency to literally go to the moon
• Use-Case MVP is live, services available now!

It’s all about deflating the supply and building a community of real people. Each transaction will have a 10% tax. 10% is burned forever on each transaction. You read that right, 10%. This will be the fastest burning token around.

As always, DYOR, but I’m sure you’ll find that this project checks out
TG: https://t.me/hyperdeflate
✅ Zero Dev Wallet
✅ Audited
✅ Amazing Community
✅ Unique Tokenomics
✅ Rug Prevention Use Cases - First MVP Live: www.doxxlocker.com
✅ Huge Potential
Website: https://hyperdeflate.com
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2021.09.23 20:30 sansiskewl The [[Biggest shot]] of all possible in-game. Stereoscopic Shades + Speedy Scoundrel + Mountebank's Masque

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2021.09.23 20:30 Sea-Ad4313 What marketing strategies can I use for my MMA podcast? I want increase my audience so I have joined podcast networks, post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and tik tok.

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2021.09.23 20:30 bex201 Hi Dollar - Free Daily Crypto (1 x Hi Dollar / day = ~$0.70 / day) for easy Sing Up

Hey guys! I don’t know how many of you know about Hi Dollar.
Hi is incorporated in Singapore and the project started gaining traction earlier this year. It is co-founded by Stefan Rust (former CEO of Bitcoin.com) and Sean Rach (former CMO of Crypto.com). Their aim is to enable more people to access financial ecosystems at low/no costs to create immense economic opportunity for one and all.
To access hi, you don’t need to download anything, no app, no nothing. All you need is your regular messaging app such as Telegram or Whatsapp (and more will be available soon).

Once you have signed up, you will get to claim your daily reward = 1 Hi Dolla day
They are in phase 3 now, because they have reached 1 million members, so the daily reward is 1 Hi / day (before reaching 100.000 members - Phase 1, they were offering 25 Hi Dollar / day).
The price of Hi Dollar raised, currently being ~ $0.70. Also, it was successfully listed on Uniswap over the National Day weekend and has tripled from its pre-listed price (15 August 2021).

So what do we earn from this and how do we start? By accumulating hi dollars! You can earn hi dollars simply by signing up with Telegram/Whatsapp using your mobile number only, and claiming their daily reward, which is 1 Hi Dollar / day.
If you refer a friend, you will earn an additional 50%, basically 0.5 Hi Dollar per friend.

All the daily rewards go into your ‘Rewards’ section. To be able to withdraw you need them transferred to your ‘Flexible’ section. So for the free rewards (daily and referrals) you must wait 1 year lock period and after 1 year passes, hi dollars will start to release proportionally on a daily base to your Flexible account, in the same way you received them. For example: You got today 10 hi dollar, in 1 year you will receive them to your Flexible account.
Also, to be able to withdraw (not to earn, just withdraw), you have to perform basic KYC (Know Your Customer check) which includes: verifying your email address, taking a selfie, uploading or taking a photo of your ID (takes a few minutes to get approved and verified).
I am aware that what they doing is not entirely new in the crypto sphere. But out of all the projects I’ve seen, this is definitely one of the more accessible and easier to participate in projects and that makes all the difference.

1.You can either use my referral link or non-ref.
2.Click "web app" menu found on the top of the page and a new signup option page will appear. 3.Provide your mobile number=> Receive and verify the code
4.Choose a password
5.An auto-generated unique nickname for you will appear which can also be changed later on
6.Put your referrer nickname which will be 5112rqti if are signing up using my referral link below
7.Will ask for your phone number once again and give it.
8.Once logged in, click the "Gift Box" icon to receive the Daily Reward (on the web browser)
OR (if you’re using WhatsApp):
Simply type “hi” on the chat, then “1” to claim your daily reward.
OR (if you’re using Telegram):
Open the hi Chat and press “Claim Daily Rewards”

Enjoy free HIs!
Any questions, drop them below on the comments.
Referral link here
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2021.09.23 20:30 zagnutbarboy BF (33m) usually takes hours to reply to my (38m) texts, always has an excuse but he always has phone with him

We have been dating for about 3 months, but have known each other for 5ish years.
I'll admit that I am a little bit needy when it comes to important people in my life letting me know when their plans change from what they have told me already, especially if they've given me a timeframe when we're meeting up. Currently he isn't working and doesn't have a vehicle so he's on the bus/train, so IMO there isn't anything that should stop him accessing his phone.
Ok so it'll usually be anywhere from 2-4 hours since I've heard from him and I'll end up sending a text like "hey did you make your connecting train ok?" Or if I have errands to run it'll be something like "what are you up to?" Or "what time you think you'll be back home?" So I can plan my errands to meet him back at my place to let him in. Usually it'll be anywhere from 45min to 4 hours before I get a reply back, and it ends up hurting my feelings that I'm so low on his priorities that it takes that long to reply.
He'll say "my phone was dead" or "my phone was on silent" or "I was super busy doing such and such I didn't have time to reply" or if I do get lucky and get a somewhat faster reply it'll be "why are you always trying to micro manage me" or a generic response like "I'm still out running around, I'll be back soon" which ends up being 4-6 hours later.
Then after an hour or so with no reply I'll text him frustrated that he hasn't replied back and it ends up starting an argument. He'll say it's my fault for the argument because I should know that he's slow to respond, and I'll tell him that it's his fault because it's easy to reply to a text and he knows that it bugs me to get no reply for hours.
Later in person when I've brought up the fact that I think it's pretty inconsiderate that he takes so long to reply or that he doesn't let me know when his plans change, and that it does hurt my feelings. He tells me that I'm just sensitive, or it's just not that big of a deal and he shouldn't have to check in with me. Which means to me he thinks that's normal for people in a relationship to do that, and I don't think it's normal.
Sorry for the long post, I just really want to know if I'm in the wrong and am over reacting or not.
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2021.09.23 20:30 alexis_koerber My earmor m31 archrail mounts keep breaking out of the archrails when i try to tilt the ear pro and sometimes they even break off when i just put on the helmet. Is there a way to mount m31's to a fast helmet more securely?

My earmor m31 archrail mounts keep breaking out of the archrails when i try to tilt the ear pro and sometimes they even break off when i just put on the helmet. Is there a way to mount m31's to a fast helmet more securely? submitted by alexis_koerber to airsoft [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 20:30 Sendasin Mesprit - 6511 1371 6675 or 9593 3826 2526

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2021.09.23 20:30 Swornie What movie/tv-series scene make you have feels every time you see it?

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2021.09.23 20:30 Strong-Setting-2438 Terrible experience with Sweet baby collectibles. Has anyone here ordered from sweet baby collectibles?

I placed an order with them on the 9th for a mystery box and it’s been two weeks and they still haven’t shipped it. Their excuse, they just moved to a new warehouse so they have some delays. But they told me it would ship by the latest on the 17th. Now they have stopped responding to my emails asking them for an update on the order
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2021.09.23 20:30 haybunch1 [Brooks Ghost 14] i like it very much! despite the 12mm drop - Me, an Altra fan boy

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2021.09.23 20:30 JGruesome Question about naming puppy after the Goddess Hecate

Long story short, I have been searching for the “perfect” puppy so to say. I’ve had a reoccurring dream of a full black puppy with a white patch on her chest for about two months now, and the other day connected with an eerily identical one in real life.
Now, my biggest question is I want to name her Hecate in honor of my choice deity to give offerings to; but I am unsure if it would please her (since she’s thought to be close to dogs), or offend her that I’m using her name in this way?
I haven’t been practicing very long but I have realized that Hecate has come to me many times over the years in ways I didn’t realize at the time (I used to feel or “see” a three headed hellhound quite a bit at night when I was 18-20 and dabbling my toes into the water with the supernatural.
I used to try to commune with spirits quite a bit.), the draw to cemeteries and graveyards (again, in those years I would find abandoned grave sites and keep them clean and leave offerings for the dead.), and have always felt “connected” to her throughout the years but never really pursued that worship until now.
Thanks for reading my anxious rambling, I hope I didn’t step on any toes as a fledgling witch.
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2021.09.23 20:30 SuperSoul1029 I just watched One Piece and... Why is this show so popular?

So I started watching this show from the latest episode and it was so boring and confusing. Only scene I liked was when that hot girl reveals her true identity to One Piece
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2021.09.23 20:30 Gantstaryoutube Girls Ghosting Reality

Im going to share the perspective of the person that is ghosting you and how it can change. There was a time that I was going on 10+ dates a week so I had a lot of girls in rotation but I had the mindset to never ghost anyone unless they behaved in a ridiculous manner. At one point I had over 40 girls in rotation so eventually I had to ghost a couple as it was getting too difficult to cater to each girl.
If you can understand that scenario you can see why someone with a lot of options and multiple girls interested in them can make a guy ghost the girls that he likes the least and keep the best ones.
I haven't had a date in over a year now so if I suddenly started dating an average girl, there's no way I would ghost her unless she acted insane. As long as she made an effort to look nice and treated me good then there's no way I would ghost her and neither will a man who doesn't have any other options, the point is some of the girls I ghosted before I would not have ghosted if it was at a different time in my life.
Answer: Pick the best guy you can find that isn't super popular with the ladies unless you are a top girl yourself.
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2021.09.23 20:30 vintageglass87 Happy Bi Visibility Day💖💜💙

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2021.09.23 20:30 Curious-Attitude-742 🌓 DoXrp 🌗 ~ Low market cap ~ Based dev ~ Marketing ~ Fast listing 🚀 DoXrp fairlaunch in 1 hour 🔥

We're currently sitting on low market cap, we're ready to moon! DYOR guys, be not gonna let you down!.
🌗 We presenting you 🔥 DoXrp🔥 token. This token will have small fairlaunch then we will build bigger and bigger community. Our purpose is to launch clearly with no bots and fast dumps. After launch we are planning to shill this token hard and post some cms posts. At 100-150 members we will launch our website and buy several influencers also some famous telegram groups pins.
The main of DoXrp is not only Dev , not only Team , with investors we will dox, come join the cam party
⚡️Feel the energy
⭐️Dev is full safe and based. He is known others 25x-50x-100x projects
✅We guarantee 100% safe token with anti-bot, anti-dump systems.
👥This is fairlaunch so there is no early buys or whitelists.
🔒Liquidity will be locked and after launch we will send lock proof link.
📘Total supply: 1,000,000,000
📘Max tx: There is no max tx because of we are waiting big safe whales..
📒Rewards: 8% Ripple
📒LP: 1%
📕 Anti-Snipe system
📕 Anti-Bot system
📊 Contract : 0xdfe2f8d1ad6b54a3340fbd372fdad8f8ac8f4c88
🔹 BUY HERE : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xdfe2f8d1ad6b54a3340fbd372fdad8f8ac8f4c88
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xdfe2f8d1ad6b54a3340fbd372fdad8f8ac8f4c88#readContract
🔒 LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x1ee15F37937671f55DB64F7C2bCEad683B88F4d0
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2021.09.23 20:30 agent__cheese what happened to Clash

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2021.09.23 20:30 TheKarmoCR Any recent info about the Society of Archbishop Justus?

First of all: I realize that most of what I'm asking could be cleared up if I just tried to get in touch with them, and I probably will, but I wanted to test the waters first and see if anyone here knows about them or has any experience working with them, especially because their web page seems to be a bit old and without a SSL cert so I'm not sure if they are around any more. For a bit of context: I'm a software developer by trade, and a CS undergrad, and in all the churches I've been in before being confirmed in the Anglican church, I've always had a hand in maintaining/developing their online presence.
The diocese I'm a part of is just starting the process of getting their online presence up and running, including a website, and I remember reading about the Society of Archbishop Justus, which was made (as far as I can tell) for that very purpose: helping dioceses and churches in building their websites.
At the very very least, I'd like to verify the possibility of redirecting the domain that is currently parked for our Diocese, to the new page when it's up and running. But if there are any other resources available we'd sure want to know about them.
Also, at a personal and professional level, I would really be interested in giving a hand in whatever ways the Society can help. The idea of a group of computer scientists and developers giving part of their time and expertise sounds really good to me. So I would appreciate any info that anyone here might have. Thanks!
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2021.09.23 20:30 imthepp What are subtypes?

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2021.09.23 20:30 ElloneAndreea Babysitting gone wrong: KILL THE BABY IN YELLOW!

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2021.09.23 20:30 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.09.23 20:30 Kczen200 23 questions | Alexei Volkov

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2021.09.23 20:30 Grouchy-Juggernaut82 Here’s a fun one for ya

Do y’all think josh is vaxed or nah? I know the sound summit show was apparently a proof of vax to attend show, but not sure if that applies to the artists. Just kind of curious where he’s at with all of this after all this time. Thoughts?
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2021.09.23 20:30 datbttmboi Gym, day 2 still feeling yesterday’s burn 🔥

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