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Totally Vetted Afghan Refugees Already Raping Kids & Strangling Women

2021.09.23 20:20 wbradleyjr1 Totally Vetted Afghan Refugees Already Raping Kids & Strangling Women

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2021.09.23 20:20 Boojibs The surf bench (@kimandrelangedesign)

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2021.09.23 20:20 mokshm Why do movies in mass life and death situations show that women and children need to be saved first?

I mean I understand children are the future generation but the healthy male characters seem to be the last ones to be saved. Now that we spread equality and with so many genders and identities that people have, what do you guys think?
PS: it’s just a curious question, no harm intended at anyone.
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2021.09.23 20:20 AutoModerator 9/24 Fri MLB on ESPN | Cardinals @ Cubs

Who wins this ⚾️ game?
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2021.09.23 20:20 Morgan-992 2cts AAA Zircon Engagement Wedding Band Ring Classic with dedicated details, unsurpassed quality plus incredible value! Perfect as a wedding band, engagement ring or just for everyday wear due to its extreme comfort! DESCRIPTION Ring Weight: About 5g Ring Size(approx): 6/7/8 Main Stone

2cts AAA Zircon Engagement Wedding Band Ring Classic with dedicated details, unsurpassed quality plus incredible value! Perfect as a wedding band, engagement ring or just for everyday wear due to its extreme comfort! DESCRIPTION Ring Weight: About 5g Ring Size(approx): 6/7/8 Main Stone submitted by Morgan-992 to McrOne [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 20:20 amveruwu Ask Anything Thread

Use this thread to ask anything at all!
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2021.09.23 20:20 mixedworld13 My first mockery of society here

Today I had a pretty funny situation. I'm sitting quietly in the classroom, others are talking, the teacher is doing something on the computer and suddenly a group of people who always fill me with a sense of superiority began to talk unusually loudly about how today they will take their parents' 20-year-old wine and get drunk with it, shouting how many percent have jumped over the age of this wine (we are 16/17 years old in the country where I live, you can consume alcohol from 18, which was even stranger that they shout about it so loudly in front of everyone), when I heard this I felt superior to these commoners and I sneered at their beloved fun, which is getting drunk into unconsciousness like fucking animals and I thought I was really glad that I could derive joy and satisfaction from more productive things
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2021.09.23 20:20 No_Future8893 There is hope

After being infected in March but not diagnosed until Aug 1st….I went thru 2 rounds of Doxy but was still having joint issues extreme fatigue….vertigo….headaches and other neurological issues….. my Doctor put me on 21 days of Rocephin and I just left the hospital after Day 9 and I can honestly say every single day I have felt a little better. I feel almost 100%. Yesterday was first day in months where my hands didn’t go numb for hours. I had labs done yesterday my WBC is back to normal C-Reactive protein is normal again after 2 months being in extreme ranges….I’ve been off my job as a firefighter for 2 months looking to get back after I get my midline out October 6th. I see a lot of negativity on this site and I had some dark weeks… I understand for those dealing with this for years and having no relief… but if you catch this within a year of being infected I think if you find a doctor to be aggressive & open to IV treatments you can very easily live a relatively normal life. Best to all
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2021.09.23 20:20 stlxgnemtux [ALL][ALTTP] Lost Woods by u/Ifaroth

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2021.09.23 20:20 Real-Worth1005 Is it time yet to publicly lambast people who refuse to get the vaccine for idiotic reasons?

I think it's more than appropriate, at this point, to let these people know how the rest of us think they are idiotic scum.
Just get the vaccine you fucking morons. Hundreds of millions of people have gotten the vaccine, it's not going to make you magnetic or give you blood clots. There are no microchips in them to track you, you already carry around a smart phone literally everywhere you go that track's your every move; you must lack any form of intelligence if you actually think this is a valid concern. Quit acting like a flock of sheep. Just because the conspiracy laden republican party is pushing this shit-filled narrative doesn't mean you have to drool and behave.
I've watched countless acquaintances in Bakersfield refuse the vaccine because they didn't think they would get sick. Or, they legitimately thought this was all fake (Trumpers) or exaggerated. They were concerned about their "freedoms", as moronic as that sounds. And guess what, several of them have been or are currently hospitalized. One of them died. -slow clap- real smart ya'll. How free do you feel now? It's ironic that the same ones who shout tyranny are the same runs limiting all of our freedoms through pure negligence.
Get the vaccine. Help put us in a position to fully open the economy. Help keep everyone around you safe. Don't impede on my freedoms any longer. Doing research on google while sitting on the toilet doesn't make you a vaccine expert. Vaccines have been apart of our ability to function as a society for centuries, this isn't new, dummies. What more evidence do you need? Practically everyone who is hospitalized and dying are unvaccinated quacks. Wake up.
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2021.09.23 20:20 NAidsNate Full ppr trade

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2021.09.23 20:20 f_diamante Need ideas for blog

So a bit of background on me. I'm 17 and I'm a member of this youth group/bible study group and I have been for the past 5 years. It's seen me through my teenage years, at my worst and best and the people there are now the people I'd gladly call my greatest friends, our youth leader feels like our older brother who's always there for us. Our youth group consists of 4 of us (there used to be more but people stopped attending during the pandemic) and recently our youth leader has decided we're ready to lead the next generation of youth in our community.
In preparation for becoming a youth leader I've decided to start an Instagram blog, both to help me keep up with reading consistently and to help me create lessons. I also want to touch the hearts of more young people than just the youth in my city. My idea is to share scripture, discuss how the idea of the "Christian life" is changing for young people and share the lessons I learned as a teenage Christian growing up and in my faith. Those times I felt lost, hopeless and destroyed to those times I felt the happiest such as the first time I felt God's presence.
For both the blog and my journey youth leading, I'd like to know what topics you guys think I should cover. Whether you're a teenager or an adult, I'd appreciate any input. I'll be sharing what I feel I should add but others may have amazing ideas that I just can't think of.
If anyone is interested the account is @youthhighlyfavoured on Instagram. Please pray for me as I begin my journey leading!
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2021.09.23 20:20 mildenstein What a ...

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2021.09.23 20:20 Agile_Credit_9760 NC Detention Officer Busted For Brutality

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2021.09.23 20:20 Justinphils [Spoiler] Out there theory: Doris is Britney Spears

Everyone around her turned on her, took her baby, and was given the pill to Basically be trapped forever. What if in part 2, we end up revisiting Doris, and at the end she gets freed.
Ok crazy I know, I’m bored lol
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2021.09.23 20:20 hildehimself Can someone Tell me what these five bindrunes mean?

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2021.09.23 20:20 Cr3atim Definitiv mein lieblings Video von Shimtex

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2021.09.23 20:20 ThomasDaykin Milwaukee's Harbor District is drawing more development. The new River 1 mixed-use project is perhaps its most high-profile site.

For subscribers
With Milwaukee's Harbor District drawing more development, the new River 1 mixed-use project is perhaps its most high-profile site.
River 1's first phase, an eight-story office building overlooking the Kinnickinnic River near South First and West Becher streets, is now complete and can been seen from nearby I-94.
A spring opening is planned for the five-story apartment building under construction east of the office building. Also, a river walk is being built.
Finally, the design of a Marriott-branded hotel with around 100 rooms is nearly complete.
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2021.09.23 20:20 RoyalBlueMelody_ Hell, your misoginy is so harmful to women's careers

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2021.09.23 20:20 Lilpeepxx__ Why is half of my snickers powder?

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2021.09.23 20:20 Truth_Speaker_1 Over 20 Scientists Who Signed The Lancet Letter Dismissing Lab Leak Theory, Are Linked To The Wuhan Lab

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2021.09.23 20:20 ang1817 35/45[FM4F] confident bbw couple looking for a new friend # NYC/Westchester

Hi all married couple here looking for a new friend for dinner drinks hopefully more She’s 35 Latina He’s 45 Laid back drama free Light 420 So if your slightly interested hit us up let’s see if we vibe ✌️ No men please
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2021.09.23 20:20 Speedyster600 Only if this had a proper front bumper

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2021.09.23 20:20 derphighbury 'amazed'

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2021.09.23 20:20 sociocandy Great timing!

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