When she says she is home alone

2021.09.23 19:05 Brokkie_BB When she says she is home alone

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2021.09.23 19:05 general_gelati Help!! I have reformed 🙈

Help!! I have reformed 🙈 Help I have a big problem!

Sorry if certain terms are not correct, I used an online translator for English and maybe some terms are mistranslated. I started playing CK3 a few weeks ago and finally found the courage to start an ironmode run, but I made a big mistake and since then I am afraid if continuing playing.

the situation: As a Norwegian ruler in England I was able to conquer all of Britain, Iceland and large parts of Scandinavia. So far so good, now I had tried the religious reformation for the first time with my current ruler. For this I changed my existing faith "Norse Ásatrú" with new doctrines. One of them was "Lay Clergy" which was a big mistake because the problem I face now is that my ruler has become the owner of all religious sites / temples / facilities, whereby my domain threshold has unintentionally changed to 18/9, which obviously is a big problem since I just barely survived my last civil war with my dukes.
It seems that I can only perform a religious reformation once per life. My current ruler is older, but the successor has too little faith to perform a reformation himself right on the start (because I was wondering if I should just kill my leader in battle real quick now and instantly do a reformation with my new ruler, but he has not enough faith). Therefore, I think I will die in a civil war because of the displeasure with my many domains before I make it to a new reformation. Another idea I had was just forming a brand new religion but I have not enough faith and I think I am the same situation here that I will be dead before I can collect enough faith to make a new religion (it said that a basic new religion costs 2725 faith, I only have 2537).

My question: What is the best way to undo this, so that my domain threshold is back to normal?

my stats (current ruler): https://preview.redd.it/miqretwjaap71.png?width=575&format=png&auto=webp&s=b8dbcd0e1447833c61aaa765e28481368f892037
  • age: 62 (healthy)
  • gold: 4530 (+100)
  • prestige: 16573 (+15)
  • faith: 2537 (+14)
  • dynasty: 1177 (+10)

I hope you can help me how to get out of this mess. I haven't started the game for days, because I don't know what to do, because everything was going so well before that and I do not want to lose this kingdom :(

Thank you in advance for every help and patience for a new player!!!
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2021.09.23 19:05 SzegedNewsBotka Október végéig lehet csatlakozni a STOP Gyurcsány – STOP Karácsony petícióhoz.

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2021.09.23 19:05 BlueCoor I think I solved the Vindicator!

Okay! First of all I need to say that I really like the idea of vindicator! The kit needs more though! I have big troubles with CC bars and can't really do much of finishers or combo fields. it's also a little clunky but I have ideas that MIGHT solve it! :D
Utility Skills! The idea of having double utility skills depending on the situation is nice! The big problem though is that you dont have the skills you need when the situation pops up. why is that? well it's cuz when you use a skills it comes on cooldown. so my idea is that when you use the skill the effect happens and it flips but doesn't go on cooldown. and you get a 10 sec window (I dont know the perfect timing and numbers for the skills) and if you use the filiped skill within the window THEN the skill flips and goes on cooldown. But if you wait until that 10 sec window after you used your first skill and you use the skill. It doesn't go on cooldown but you flip it and get a new 10 sec window were you can use the fliped skill.
For an example: use the Archemorus heal skill - Get's a 10 sec window - use the Saint Viktors heal skill - heal skills goes on cooldown.
Archemorus heal skill - get's a 10 sec window - wait the window out - use the Saint Viktors heal skill - get's a 10 sec window.
so if u need you can use both very fast and I think it would be balanced since you allready have energy management so you can't really spam the skills. and then u can use your Alliance tactics to flip the skills for a double aggresive skills or double supportive skills
For the skills themself I think the are quite okay. some need to be better or additional effect. one of the biggest things that I feel I miss or need is some more finishers and CC in the kit in all this 10 skills we get 1 leap finisher and that's it.
Elite skills: I think that both skills need to be buffed in either dmg or the utility within them. the spear is to easy to dodge and doesn't do that much dmg maybe buff dmg and make it unblockable or a blast finisher when it hits or just and AoE attack around the target you used the skill on.
The Urn need something more and I don't know what. the only thing I can think off is that you need to be able to use the secoundary effect faster.
Greatsword: I love it! My favorit weapon on most classes! But I want more from it.
Skill 1: It is okay! maybe a little dmg or speed buff. maybe 1 and 2 go faster and then a normal swing 3
Skill 2: It's also okay! but maybe add something more? I do want som cc in the greatsword so maybe put it here?
Skill 3: it's nice with the leap! but need to be longer (think it's bugged and uses 240 ranged instead of 900 maybe?) I would like it was a leap finisher or a whirl finisher at the end of it
Skill 4: Love the idea of this! maybe last a little longer or maybe gain a boon if you block. sometimes I use the full block and miss the secondary attack and the second attack could be unblockable maybe?
skill 5: I like the attack alot but would want and evade or a stability boon when u use it A blast finisher would be nice in this kit but think it's to strong so maybe just a whirl finisher when u use it.
Traits: I dont have much to say here since I'm okay with most of them but if the idea with the utility skills comes the reset trait needs to be changed.
Thanks for me and I would like to hear what you think of my ideas.
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2021.09.23 19:05 catherinewood445 20F,come let’s hook as long as you can pay

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2021.09.23 19:05 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-mel-brooks-4

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2021.09.23 19:05 SynPsych Good Gaming, Inc. Reaches Significant Milestone By Completing Its Legal Review For The Game Documentation For Its First To Market NFT Game MicroBuddies™

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2021.09.23 19:05 JinnjaSama What is the purpose of no collisions with teammates? THIS IS NOT A DEBATE ABOUT 343 SUCKS/PLZ 343 CHANGE IT!!! FYI I WANT COLLISIONS

I know Apex Legends does this. And now Infinite is doing this (in flight builds).
So why? Are player collisions overly expensive in terms of gou, cpu usage or frame time?
Or does it require a lot of extra work in engine?
Clearly its not a decision 343 made because they like it. There must have been a cost associated with it that they wanted to avoid for some reason.
Remember guys, this not about what we want. i want collisions but this is not the point. The point is WHY MAKE THIS CHOICE???
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2021.09.23 19:05 So_late_to_the_game Epic whiskey weekend

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2021.09.23 19:05 skycal10 Gap On Down Blocking For Double Tight/Double Wing Offense

So I understand the rules of GOD blocking but I’m not understanding who is responsible for the EDGE player if he lines up outside the TE. That player would now be outside of the TEs rules. Would it be the wing back? The way I’m looking at it is that double teams are created but no matter what kind of front we are facing, 4,5 or 6 man, I don’t see any scenario where the tackle doubles with the TE to block an edge guy unless he lines up over the Tackle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.09.23 19:05 OwOchako_UwUraka I feel like the croisshark would be welcome here

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2021.09.23 19:05 LiterallyRogue_ At least they edited the shield?

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2021.09.23 19:05 B1rdBear Crypto Scam bots hit a day old post of mine hard!!!! Sort comments on my recent Superstonk post about Overstock and you will find this.

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2021.09.23 19:05 OppositeMidnight Week 4 Match-up Preview Thread: Connecticut Huskies vs. Wyoming Cowboys

https://www.reddit.com/time\_series/comments/ptyzo8/week\_4\_matchup\_preview\_thread\_connecticut\_huskies/?utm\_source=ifttt Week 4 Match-up Preview Thread: Connecticut Huskies vs. Wyoming Cowboys
https://www.reddit.com/CFB/comments/ptyg7b/week\\_4\\_matchup\\_preview\\_thread\\_connecticut\\_huskies/?utm\\_source=ifttt Week 4 Match-up Preview Thread: Connecticut Huskies vs. Wyoming CowboysConnecticut vs. WyomingWhen: Saturday, September, 25, 03:30 PM EasternWhere: Pratt & Whitney Stadium - East Hartford, CTWatch: CBS Sports NetworkOdds: Wyoming by 30.5 pts.Total Points: 54.0All-Time Series : Connecticut vs. WyomingAccording to Winsipedia these teams have never met.Through Week 3WeekConnecticut 0-4(0-1)ResultWyoming 3-0(0-0)Result0Fresno State#21 3-1(0-0)L 0-45BYEN/A1Holy Cross 2-1(0-0)L 28-38Montana State 2-1(0-0)W 19-162Purdue 2-1(0-0)L 0-49Northern Illinois 1-2(0-0)W 50-433Army 3-0(1-0)L 21-52Ball State 1-2(0-0)W 45-12All rankings reflect the current /cfb pollConnecticut Injury ReportData Scraped: 2021-09-23 10:00:03PlayerPositionStatusReportedNotesCameron RossWROut Indefinitely – FootSat, Sep 4Ross is nursing a foot injury, and it is unclear how long he will be idle for.Matt DraytonWROut Sat – UndisclosedTue, Sep 21Drayton has missed the previous four games with an unspecified injury, and he will not face Wyoming on Saturday.Injury data lifted from: boydsbets.comWyoming Injury ReportNot AvailableWhat are your "Keys to the Game"?Who do you think wins?Do you think the favorite will cover the spread?Which player(s) are you most interested to watch?Let's talk football!To vote in the matchup "who will win poll" simply include the name of the team you think will win enclosed by {} as part of your TOP LEVEL comment discussing the matchup. To change your vote just edit your initial comment to bracket the other team. You can change your vote as often as you like until the GAME THREAD is postedA full listing of accepted FBS team aliases can be found here.. For FCS teams you will need to use the full name as it appears in the post title.A listing of links, and live vote totals, to all Match-up Preview threads for the current week can be found HERE.Like this format? Generate your own "Match-up Discussion Thread" with the Match-up Discussion Thread Generator. Please DM dupreesdiamond with any issues/suggestions regarding this templateSubmitted September 24, 2021 at 04:04AM by ChargerFan2121 https://www.reddit.com/CFB/comments/ptyg7b/week\\_4\\_matchup\\_preview\\_thread\\_connecticut\\_huskies/?utm\\_source=iftttvia /CFB
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2021.09.23 19:05 Complex-Peace-9727 People who adopted a golden retriever puppy while living in an apartment, can you share your experience?

I’m adopting a puppy soon and I live in an apartment in a big city. I have a good idea of how I’m going to handle training and the space but I’m worried about the potty runs, especially the first few months. I don’t know what I’ll do if my puppy does it on the elevator on the way down for example.
How was your experience with a golden puppy in an apartment? Any tips?
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2021.09.23 19:05 ridengrindjess All black everything

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2021.09.23 19:05 TheLunarnautics Fun, Snackable Library of GameStop Analysis

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2021.09.23 19:05 neerajanchan Wanda won't like that!

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2021.09.23 19:05 RedMiniPoo Week 3 drawing: about to crap on you cheeseheads!

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2021.09.23 19:05 Creepy_Ambassador638 Yes

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2021.09.23 19:05 ChangeNow_io NFTs Are Supporting Eco-Friendly Initiatives | ChangeNOW

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2021.09.23 19:05 Grillos who'd have known?

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2021.09.23 19:05 Platon_Raz End Of Me music video?

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2021.09.23 19:05 ToffeBee I need songs Ideas for a gcmv i wanna do :D involving Ash and Misaki's history:)

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2021.09.23 19:05 Fast_Professional_40 iPad Mini 6: my options

I have these 2 options for the 256gb wifi version. What would you do in my place? 😅
View Poll
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