voce ai

2021.10.23 03:18 Brutorex voce ai

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2021.10.23 03:18 dpfw Have there been any good same-sex love interest secret identity reveals?

Just wondering. Secret identity reveals are really fun, but I can't think of any.
I especially like the idea of the whole "love interest be like: 'hero guy, I can't do this hard thing because I'm nobody I'm nothing I'm the loser who's obsessed with object of obsession who's probably straight and barely even knows I exist' and hero guy be like: 'long "you're better than you think you are speech"' and love interest be like: 'how would you know this' and hero guy be like 'because i know you,' takes off mask and love interest be like: 'object of obsession? YOU are hero guy?! but we had the much romantic subtext and sexual tension!''" secret identity reveal.
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2021.10.23 03:18 klebiano im too weird and boring

no wonder why no one likes me
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2021.10.23 03:18 ZoobBot 181851

This is the 181851st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.23 03:18 KlausesCorner What is the most awkward thing you’ve ever witness unfold?

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2021.10.23 03:18 Superindian48 Bitgame - Blockchain-Powered Sports Betting Platform

Bitgame - Blockchain-Powered Sports Betting Platform Bitgame is the much-needed solution by providing a platform that supports unrestricted betting on sports matches and the playing of traditional online casino games with over 20 different cryptocurrencies. Bitgame is looking to grow the number of cryptocurrencies accepted and further enable cryptocurrency holders to use their digital assets for entertainment purposes.
#Bitgame #LUT #Bitgame_bounty #BTC #Crypto #Sports

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2021.10.23 03:18 KentBrick [IDEAS] Bus Terminal Modular Building, only 67 days left to reach 5000, please support it if you like it :)

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2021.10.23 03:18 Substance_44 Game Bug?

Is it normal that the last upgrade for weapon mastery is missing? Does it start this way and I just never noticed? Also missing the last upgrades on blacksmith weapons and armor.
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2021.10.23 03:18 remotelove Ruger American Magpul Hunter; 6.5 Creedmoor bolt issues.

I pulled the bolt out and it won't go back in.
With all of my other rifles, I pull the bolt when I am done shooting a string out of habit. With this one, it's a royal PITA. Something is wrong and I don't know what.
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2021.10.23 03:18 PeriFyseos 푸른머리되새

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2021.10.23 03:18 ruhroh420 I need advice!??!!

Ok so (this is going to be really long so sry I’m advance). This all started a few months ago in like the middle of summer. I was at work, which is at a store in a crappy little mall. One day a few hours before closing, I had been ringing up these girls when I saw this guy walk in (keep in mind it’s a small store). I was kinda unnerved at first cause he was wearing sunglasses and I was like uhhh that’s weird? But it was all good. So he came in and smiled directly at me and walked to the corner to look at some stuff. And after I finished ringing up those girls, he came over with his stuff that he was gonna buy. And again he smiled at me and said hello. So I scanned his stuff and just followed the usual process of everything. And after I gave him back his things he thanked me like really sincerely? And he told me to have a great night and stood there for a second smiling at looking at me and then walked out. And he was cute so I was a bit happy. And ever since then, he has been at the mall either every weekend or every other weekend. Every time, he will walk past my store multiple times and either will slow down and look in directly at me or slow down but just walk past the store. About a month ago he looked over his sunglasses and smiled at me and then two weeks ago, I had been shopping after work and I turned the corner and was texting my friend, and when I looked up I had realized that I was walking right towards him and he was sitting on theses couches. My eyes got really wide and I started stumbling AND HE SMIRKED!!! Like? Then last week was the first time I had ever seen him without sunglasses and he walked really slowly past the store and we both were looking at each other. And this happened about four times that day. I really wanna talk to him but I can’t just leave the counter plus I don’t wanna be creepy. But I just wanna know if he likes me cause he doesnt work at the mall but he’s there for a few hours on weekends. Maybe I’m overthinking it or I’m being delusional, but I just wanna know if he’s interested or maybe it can’t be determined yet? I just need advice.
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2021.10.23 03:18 r3swag56 How’s my handwriting?

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2021.10.23 03:18 de99dusk Denis Villeneuve on if Dune Part 2 is guaranteed: "Not really"

From BBC Radio's Kermode and Mayo's Film Review show from today.
Denis Villeneuve comments about Dune Part 2, it starts just after the 1 hour 4 minutes mark in this:
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2021.10.23 03:18 failed_evolution CIA Plans To Kill Julian Assange 'UNFATHOMABLE' (Jeremy Corbyn, Richard Burgon, Kristinn Hrafnsson)

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2021.10.23 03:18 Redboost69 Ranzig man

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2021.10.23 03:18 Olson084 Lost my retainers

Ok so I lost my retainers. How can I find look for them effectively? I’m really bad at finding things and these are really important since I’ve already lost one pair
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2021.10.23 03:18 Outrageous-Ant8403 Cursed wojak

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2021.10.23 03:18 Brooklynwhite113 Babysitting was hell.

The family had cameras all over the outside and inside of their home. I hate the thought of being watched so I was uncomfortable the whole night that they were watching and judging me. The kids I babysat were SO poorly behaved. They were ipad kids so getting them to bed was awful and all three of them threw a fit. I explained to the parents when they got home how the kids didn’t act the best (just trying to hint that more discipline needs to be made when it comes to electronics and bedtime). They didn’t care. Paid me $60 for being there for 7 hours. Why are rich people so damn cheap? Idk just a frustrating night.
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2021.10.23 03:18 Ill-Panda1073 mustard mommys

here is why i think mustard are going to go insane
1 tubbo has a big chance to pop off he has all he needs just like in mcc 13 a hype man (sap) and emotional support (scott)
2 this team has arguably the best team chem after red and pink.
tubbo has teamed with sap and sylvee before
sap has teamed with all 3
scott has teamed with sap
sylvee has teamed with tubbo and sap before
and now their strongest game (skybattle) is almost garunteed (new map).
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2021.10.23 03:18 darealnip On a Friday

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2021.10.23 03:18 ffs234 Completely unprepared job candidates

Not much to say, just a general rant. We are hiring another sysadmin and the technical knowledge of the people we interviewed today just sucks, to be honest...
Our expectations are not that high in my opinion. We are mainly looking for moderate experience with ansible, Linux, k8, and networking (mainly FW management). Nothing too crazy though. One of the candidates didn't even know what nslookup and dig are. Another one was sure Ansible is a monitoring tool. What sucks is that some of them would fit great in a helpdesk role but we need a sysadmin.
Is it really that common to have completely unprepared people apply for a job and even lie in their resumes about their qualifications? Maybe today was just bad luck or maybe it just is what it is. What do you think?
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2021.10.23 03:18 GalacticGushergirl So pretty! (not mine)

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2021.10.23 03:18 Moonlight330 Implant contraception question

Hello I’m F(22) have had the implant for just over a year. At first it completely stopped my period for 12 months but now I’m getting a period every other week. Is this normal? Should I visit my doctor?
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2021.10.23 03:18 BusinessPomegranate7 My S41 Pre-Merge Analysis

So far it has had its ups and its downs! I think the only issues are only production-based rather than issues with the cast which is a VERY good thing. People are really all that matter in Survivor.
Initially, I was worried about the 26 days thing, but overall Season 41 has been positive for me and is a promising season despite my number one going out 4th, RIP Brad :(
Yet I can't wait to see more and decide in the end where it will rank compared to other seasons because obviously, it is very different (something they really need to stop telling us lmao)
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2021.10.23 03:18 Fahad936 Different ways to attain Spidey Powers

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