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Anyone got information about when we're supposed to be there for VIP stuff? Haven't gotten anything, just making sure I haven't missed anything.
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You and Buff GOTTA check out 60 days in! It’s about a bunch of civilians put into a jail and trying to “survive” for 60 days. I personally suggest you start with season 6, the whole season is on YouTube rn and Netflix and it just has the perfect group of people to put into basically the worst jail in the US. Idk if there’s copyright issues but if not you guys would fr love this show and I really wanna see your take on it!
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Say this guy is 6'3 220 and has 90 speed and 99 athletic ability.
Do I use him in the outfield to grab some of those jump ball home runs.
Or do I use him at short stop to get the most action.
Where should the most athletic player play?
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pls help
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2021.12.02 19:46 mercuriusman Made a new video about Chainsawman. See if you like it

Made a new video. This time about Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man. A story that in my mind has got a lot of debt to it. Transcript is below and the video is here:
Hello and welcome everyone to another manga analysis video
Topic of this video will be Chainsaw Man.
The gritty and bloody manga made by Tatsuki Fujimoto.
Chainsaw Man may on first glance seem like a gory yet simple manga of teenagers fighting monsters but i think there is a lot more going on beneath it’s surface.
Chainsaw Man to me is a coming of age story with an incredibly large scope, while at the same time being very intimate.
And presents an interesting take on subjects such as power, purpose in life and conformity.
To understand this we’ll have to dive deep into Jungian Psychology, although other sources will be used as well.
Most notably Erich Fromm. who wrote about which type of personality easily conforms to pressure.
Now there will be spoilers if you are not caught up with the manga so be warned.
And some segments will be very much not safe for work.
Without further ado however let’s get started.
The story of Chainsaw Man is about a young boy named Denji. who lives in a world inhabited by devils, based on our fears.
You have a Darkness devil, a shark devil and also a tomato devil.
These Devils, even when they are killed in our world, always reincarnate in hell and eventually make their way back to earth sans memory.
Denji is a down on his luck young man who together with his pet devil pochita does odd jobs for the Yakuza. Pochita is also known as the chainsaw devil.
Denji inherited a debt from his late father and has to kill devils to pay it off.
Denji is lamenting his fate when the Yakuza he is working for sacrifice him to the zombie devil.
He is cut to pieces,but Pochita fuses with him, transforming him into Chainsaw Man.
Denji quickly disposes of the Yakuza members as well as the zombie devil when he is confronted by people from the Public Safety Division.
A government task force designated to killing devils.
Denji is offered a job working for the division
Promising to hunt and kill devils in return for food and boarding.
Denji meets several characters who either help or hinder him in his journey.
There is Power, a fiend who similarly like Denji is contracted to fight devils.
A fiend is a devil who has possessed a dead human body and so has lost the power to make contracts.
Then there is Reze, a devil human hybrid like Denji, who is contracted by the russian government to kill him.
And lastly Makima, Denji’s superior. a very mysterious woman with her own agenda on whom Denji has a crush.
Now Denji straight away represents some interesting archetypes.
The first is the child.
I’ve talked about the child a lot in previous videos and that is because the child is an incredibly important archetype, representing both the darkness of the unconscious as well as the need for individuation.
The child comes back in many legends, such as the stories of Jesus, Budha and Krishna.
.There are abandoned children like Moses or in Greek mythology with Hercules
In other stories these abadoned children become nature children, feral, scrappy and surrounded by animals.
They have a deep connection with nature and are often saved by animals in times of need.
This is seen in Denji he lives out on the streets fighting for survival and hunting devils
When his father died and the yakuza told him he had work off his fathers debt he felt enormous despair, in that time of need Pochita the devil dog appeared.
Prompting Denji to keep living for him.
A very important form of the child is the Divine Child archetype
The Divine Child according to author Robert Moore has a special place in the individuation process.
It is the source of boyish enthusiasm for life. It’s the archetype within us that produces a zest for adventure. The catalyst for our development both mentally as well as spiritually.
Whenever you have that feeling of excitement and desire at a fresh beginning, that’s the Divine Child archetype showing itself in your life.
The Child in Moores view has got many other forms and when harnessed properly they can lead to the archetypes of adulthood
The King, the Warrior, the Magician and the Lover.
These are the energies that men need to channel and master in order to realise their full potential.
While there are archetypes that are extensions of each other, a person's development never goes so neatly, so multiple archetypes can exist in a person at the same time.
Although the King is the ultimate archetype, the end goal for every well adjusted man.
The Divine Child is the direct predecessor of the King, The mature and wise form of the Divine Child.
The Divine Child is seen in Denji in the way he approaches his work with the Division, enjoying himself and his new life immensely and jumping into adventure
Denji especially in the beginning just wants to experience, to live life to it’s fullest.
This leads him to one of the archetypes of adulthood the Lover who is central to becoming the King.
The lover want’s to drink at the well of life and to drink deeply that means sex and romance, but is not limited to those.
It also means food.drink, games the comforts of life.
The lover can be seen in Denji as he starts with the division enjoying the comforts of life such as a soft bed, sandwiches topped with everything or sitting in the bathtub all day.
The Lover is attuned to the mysterious forces underlying our everyday existence and fuels a man’s creativity.
When we get flashes of inspiration or sparks of creativity, it is the Lover’s energy manifesting itself in our lives.
This is seen in Denji’s often creative methods of fighting devils.
Methods that are so outside the box that they take seasoned opponents by surprise.
These fights with the Devils also reveal something else that although Denji is in civilisation right now he still has many traits of the nature Child, the feral and unadjusted traits.
Nature Children sometimes take on traits of the animals they are accompanied by.
And when we see Denji lost in the thrill of battle literally drinking the blood of his opponents to increase his own power, it’s hard not to see a mad dog tearing at it’s prey.
Denji is often called a dog by allies and enemies alike.
The dog as an archetype is interesting, dogs are loyal friends and protectors yes.
But they have many different sides, they are guides and guardians to other worlds.
In the forms of Anubis and Cerberus.
Through their cousins the fox and the Coyote they are tricksters.
In some creation myths the dog takes the place of the snake, betraying man and god and thrusting humanity into the light of consciousness.
The dog, through his other cousin the wolf, is also a destroyer in the form of Ferir, the wolf who will devour the sun and the moon during Ragnarok.
When his savage energy is harnessed properly however it can lead men to become the Hero
another archetype necessary to become the King.
The Hero is the most advanced form of the masculine energies of the boy, the archetype that characterizes the best in the adolescent stage of development.
It is the archetype we channel when we are tested, when we need to develop our competence and independence.
We call upon the hero when we need to ‘push the outside of the envelope to throw ourselves against the difficult, even hostile, forces in the world.
Denji channels the hero when he defends the people against the bat and leech devil.
Even when severely weakened he still puts up his fists to protect his comrades and other people.
And does not hesitate to fight no matter how outnumbered he is.
The Hero throws us up against our limits, against the seemingly intractable.
And encourages us to dream the impossible dream that might just be possible after all, if we have enough courage
Sadly in Denji’s case that dream is simply to touch some titties.
Denji we find throughout the story is very much driven by basic needs.
The need for shelter, for food and for sex.
This again betrays his base nature, the nature of the dog who does not think but just acts and follows his instincts.
Like a dog Denji also has a submissive streak.
This stems from his childhood, doing odd jobs for the Yakuza and being threatened with his life if he didn’t do exactly as he was told.
Growing up like this he has never really known a normal life.
And so his dream in life is very simple, all he wants is to have a good breakfast, toast with butter and jam, some coffee and a dessert.
And as saId to touch some titties.
And these are not the best motivators for a boy’s development.
In order to become the King a boy needs something more, something more substantial, a dream, a life’s goal to strive for.
Denji however strongly adhere’s to these basic needs.
This can lead him to fall prey to the addicted lover archetype,the shadow side of the lover
The man who is possessed by the addicted lover is led by his desires, he follows his instincts like a carrot on a stick.
His addiction can take many forms, alcohol, porn, video games or sometimes in the form of people
This kind of man goes from relationship to relationship, falling in love with every girl that he meets and is bitterly disappointed when what he thought he sought was not fulfilling.
This is also seen in Denji, throughout the series he has involvements with several women, but they ultimately do not make him happy.
Denji projects his desires for a good life onto the women that he meets.
And sees them as providers of nourishment, security and love.
Which corresponds to the first stage of anima development in man’s mind, Eve, named after the Genesis account of Adam and Eve.
There are more stages which we will cover in this video, for now what adhering to the first stage means for Denji is that his entire mental and physical wellbeing is caught up in his perception of the feminim.
Denji’s idea is that if he has a first kiss, he’ll be alright, if he can touch some titties he’ll be happy.
But this is the psychology of an animal mindlessly chasing his own tail who does not stop to reflect on what he truly wants, who is easily led and fooled by his desires.
Because the anima in man;s mind is elusive and changes shape like water and won’t just conform to his wishes.
She can be a solace to the bitterness he faces in life, but can also like a siren or a lorelei lead him to frightful depts
Confronting and integrating the anima is however essential for every man to reach individuation
So let’s look at the three most important women in his life, Power, Reze and Makima.
Power acts as a mirror to Denji .She is just as socially unadjusted as he is.
Scorning simple things such as showering or even flushing the toilet, power much like Denji follows her instincts.
She eats when she feels like it, sleeps when she feels like it and kills when she feels like it.
She is what Freud saw when he thought about the Inner Child, the Id.
The "primitive" or "infantile" drives, amoral. forceful. and full of God-like pretensions.
The underlying push of impersonal Nature itself. concerned only with satisfying the unlimited needs of the child.
Power like Denji is also often called a dog and this is very fitting, she like a dog follows her instincts and does not often question the Morality of her actions.
However through doing this she acts as a mirror to Denji causing him to take some more responsibility for himself and to reflect on his own desires.
This is the guiding side of the dog archetype.
The dog by being an instinctual animal is in touch with the unconscious which houses the aspects of our personality that are hidden from us
And as such they can lead us to deeper insights about ourselves.
Interacting with Power makes Denji wonder if toast with Jam and touching some titties are really all that there is in life.
Reze, the Russian Devil Hybrid who is tasked with killing him also makes Denji wonder about what is right in life
Reze is interesting, despite her duplicitous nature, she seems to actually care for Denji.
Asking him if fighting and killing for the Division is really what he wants.
Making him wonder about what a normal life for a boy his age would be, going to school, learning new things. Having coffee at the mall with his friends
She much like the anima challenges Denji his preconceptions, forcing Denji for the first time in his life to think for himself..
She represents the anima in it’s positive form asking from a man his greatest and leading him to individuation.
Resembling the second phase of development, Helen, an allusion to Helen of Troy in Greek mythology.
In this phase, women are viewed as capable of worldly success and of being self-reliant, intelligent and insightful, even if not altogether virtuous.
The third woman in his life is Makima.
Makima like Helen and Reze is undoubtedly very capable, many characters in the show including seasoned devil hunters seem to be scared of her.
Yet she also has a strange pull on people. She openly flirts with Denji and other people
In the beginning though she seems to care for Denji.
Taking him out on a date and guiding him through some very bad first experiences in life.
There is something off about her though as we will soon find out.
A lot happens in the story that causes Denji to change.
One of those events is a fight with the Darkness Devil.
An incredibly powerful Devil based on our primal fear of the Dark.
Denji loses a lot of comrades in this battle and Power is severely traumatised.
She cries out in her sleep and lives in constant fear of the Darkness Devil, forcing Denji to take care of her.
This causes the image of power in Denji’s mind to change and awakens something in him, an instinct he didn’t know he had.
As seen in these panels, Denji does not look at Power anymore as a sexual being or something that exists for his needs.
He sees her as a person with insecurities and fears just like him.
This scene where he drinks Power’s blood, is not sexual as it might have been in the past.
Rather it’s two scared people giving each other comfort.
This is Denji being very close to becoming the King.
He has been through the stage of the Lover, tasting the fruits of life and rejoicing in it.
He has been the Hero, enjoying the thrill of battle but also experiencing the horrors of war.
He now entered the caring and nurturing part of the King’s energy.
Because the king does care, the King being so confident in his masculinity that he can show his softer side.
This part of the King is accessed when we comfort a child, or when a friend is going through a hard time and needs our support.
It allows us to be a strong stable base for those who are momentarily weakend.
Denji in this scene is very close to becoming his own man.
This moment however does not last long.
Because after this Makima promises Denji that he can go on a trip with her if he does everything she says.
Despite all the positive steps, despite all of the life altering events, despite all of the progress he cannot seem to escape this woman’s influence.
Part of this has to do with the Dog archetype which can be submissive.
However just to say that this is because of the dog is much too simple and takes some of the responsibility away from Denji.
To understand Denji’s submissiveness, we need to look at the work of psychoanalyst Erich Fromm.
Fromm wrote about a certain type of personality that is more inclined to obey and conform to authority.
He called it the authoritarian personality, a personality type characterized by extreme obedience for and submission to the authority of a person external to the self.
This personality type is often fostered by a strict upbringing, where every transgression is punished.
So like a group of Yakuza who threatened to kill Denji everytime he didn’t do exactly as he was told.
People who have an authoritarian personality often have a strong primitive id, a weak ego, and a rigid superego, which is based on a fear of punishment rather than on a true internalization of morality.
A person with an authoritative personality conforms, he does not think for himself, he does not have an autonomous identity.
Therefore he feels alone and insignificant, and wants to be part of something greater.
Or as Fromm put’s it: He wants to become part of a bigger and more powerful whole outside of oneself, to submerge and participate in it.
Perfectly describing Denji who despite his base longings in his core really just wanted to be part of something.
After a gruesome battle with the Gun Devil an incredibly powerful devil who once killed millions of people,Denji’s resolve is put to the test and he is forced to kill a man who was a close friend.
After this Denji goes to Makima and tells her he does not wants to think for himself anymore, he does not wants to feel or think. It has only brought him anguish.
He wants to be her dog.
Makima immediately test his loyalty by brutally killing Power
Power who was there to celebrate Denji’s birthday is blown to pieces in front of him.
Makima then laughs about his infatuation with her and reveals that the interest she has shown in Denji was actually always aimed at the Chainsaw Devil that he has fused with.
She does not care about Denji at all.
We also find out that Makima is actually the authority Devil, representing our fear of authority.
This is the Anima in it’s destructive form, luring men into the dark waters and drowning them in despair.
This is the part of the anima that devours, that drives men to depression and suicide
Now the reactions online to Makima and to Denji’s actions when this chapter dropped were very understandable,
People were rightly horrified at what Makima had done and frustrated with Denji’s apathy.
But for everyone saying that they would never demean themselves like that, that they would never be a dog to someone.
I give you exhibit A and exhibit B.
It seems that where Helen is the face that launched a thousand ships, Makima’s is the face that launched a thousand simps.
The sadism Makima shows here is central in between people in authoritarian relationships.
Where the person who has the power enjoys seeing how far they can push the other person.
Degrading them, making them feel less than human.
These acts sometimes have a sexual element to them and the victim craves them or believe that they crave them.
Because it reaffirms the power of the abuser.
This relationship however often is a symbiotic relationship
The abuser, Makima in this case does need Denji.
She needs him to get to the Chainsaw Devil, but she still needs him.
The Chainsaw Devil as it is revealed is worshipped in Hell.
This is because the Devil;s that he consumes are erased from the world forever.
They don’t reincarnate again, Makima we find wants to be consumed by the Chainsaw Devil.
Because despite being the archetype of authority itself she too wants to be part of something greater.
She too wants to be part of a bigger and more powerful whole outside of herself.
However shocking this scene is, there is a positive about it.
It finally destroys Denji’s illusions about the feminine, bringing him to a painful realisation that he will not find salvation in the women in his life.
Touching some titties will not magically make his life better, he will have to work for it and actually think for himself.
And Makima by turning Denji into a dog has made a grave mistake.
Because as i said the dog is a guide to our unconscious and can give us insights into ourselves.
And this is what the Dog does for Power not long after this scene.
Power we find out lived on in Denji because of her blood that he drank earlier,
Inside Denji’s mind she has a conversation with Pochita, the embodiment of the dog archetype within Denji.
Making a deal with Pochita allows Power to take on her true Devil shape and giving her the insight and will to go against her own selfish nature to defy Makima and save Denji.
Eventually, look she’s trying okay?
As i said ,because of the insights of the dog she can defy Makima, who is the embodiment of authority who is supposed to be impossible to deny.
After this Denji also comes to a realisation and accesses the trickster side of the dog.
And so the final confrontation is not fought between the Chainsaw Devil and Makima.
But between the Chainsaw Man and Makima.
After an intense fight the Chainsaw Man seems to be killed when Denji suddenly leaps up and cut’s her down.
By using the dogs trickster energy Denji managed to sneak up on Makima, misleading her with a puppet of himself.
The sad thing is however that the only reason that Denji could do this is because Makima simply did not acknowledge him.
She considered him so far below her that he did not even register in her mind.
In order to beat her Denji had to look inside at the ugly truth that she simply never cared about him at all.
The bitter realisation that his love interest didn’t even knew he existed.
This is Denji who finally has no illusions anymore, who has accepted the anima inside of him.
No longer idealising women but seeing even Makima as a fully realised person.
This is the final stage of Anima Development.Sophia, the stage where the feminim is completely integrated in Man’s mind.
This allows females to be seen and related to as particular individuals who possess both positive and negative qualities.
The Denji that we see at the end is a changed man, wiser, hardened through loss, but ready to move on.
His motivation still leaves much to be desired but he is improving
Denji is now actually going to high school and he is not yet the King, but getting closer.
He is going to need his new found purpose, because he is now also a father.
This is the reincarnation of Makima of whom Denji is now responsible.
Carrying the responsibility to make sure she does not grow up warped as her previous incarnation.
This is very fitting considering that many men who are getting their life on track start to think about having children.
Because they finally feel that they have a legacy to pass on.
Denji now has to combine being a highschool student, a father as well as a hero.
Can he do it?
Perhaps, his boyish grin tells us he accepts the challenge.
This was my analysis of Chainsaw Man.
However this is not the last you will hear from this story.
Because as always it is very difficult to see where Fujimoto will take the story and also because i’ve primarily talked about Denji and the Chainsaw Man.
I’ve not talked much about the Chainsaw Devil.
Who represents something else entirely, something much darker who if i’m right could spell doom for Denji’s new found purpose.
For now however, this was my analysis
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2021.12.02 19:46 Wswede111 Stop turning all vitamins into gummies

Just give me regular pills I can stuff in my mouth. The gummies all taste like shit and are covered in sugar. Plus I’m an adult. I don’t want to take a bunch of gummy vitamins like a child.
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2021.12.02 19:46 namelessandforsaken How do I get the best possible performance from my laptop?

(Not sure if this is a request or a tech support post - correct me if necessary.)
Laptop model: MSI GF63 Thin 10SC Processor: Intel Core i5-10500H CPU @ 2.50 GHz, 6 cores, 12 logical processors Graphics card: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q 4 GB Installed RAM: 8 GB
Is there any other specifications I need to list? (If so, I'll reply with all necessary specs.)
Will upgrading to 16 GB memory help at all?
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2021.12.02 19:46 ughmindlessmindd which humidifier is better? levoit or homedics?
im stuck between these two. for my budget.
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