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Traineeships Question

2022.01.24 11:55 TastyPepitas Traineeships Question

Happy Monday morning, fellow state blorpers.
I am currently an OA1 out of my probationary period and recently received two canvas letters for traineeships:
Payroll Assistant Trainee (DMV)
Law Dept Document Specialist Trainee 1
I currently work in an office that currently allows 50% work from home, and the office itself is pretty quiet, so my cube feels relatively safe. At this point in time, I have no idea when the OA2 exam will be offered again, and I don't want to be stuck as a 6 for any longer than I have to be. Does anyone in these agencies or who has been in these positions have any advice?
Mainly, I'm wondering how friendly the DMV and the Law Department are to working from home, and whether or not these traineeships are worth the stress. It's definitely a better career opportunity, but I want some ideas before I respond. Thanks for any advice.
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2022.01.24 11:55 Narrow_Skin_2971 Return help?

So somebody returned an item and everything seems ok. I don’t even think they opened the package when I sent it. Anyways I go to say I received the package back and Mercari just spams me with “order has been cancelled” that’s what I wanted right?
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2022.01.24 11:55 WatermellonDoggo69 My smelter won’t smelt tainted apparel

I have everything accept clean selected and it says I need material I have stockpiles full of tainted stuff.
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2022.01.24 11:55 thecontactcoach Quade Cooper: World Rugby Is Better When He Is At His Best 👏🏉

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2022.01.24 11:55 SnooBananas9851 Hi, 😎 Come join Astrodreamerz🚀🚀, 7456 NFT a story through the world 🌐and a chest to discover with $100,000 Then follow us on Twitter! ✉️@astrodreamerz

Hi, 😎 Come join Astrodreamerz🚀🚀, 7456 NFT a story through the world 🌐and a chest to discover with $100,000 Then follow us on Twitter! ✉️@astrodreamerz submitted by SnooBananas9851 to NFTExchange [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 11:55 FranticMastur everyone wanna be like Mike

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2022.01.24 11:55 thraddrobal Sora repossessing her and Miko's house for train construction

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2022.01.24 11:55 Foodie1989 Are there signs of low HCG?

I had my BFP 14dpo, not faint at all and it got darker a couple days later but I heard you shouldn't keep testing because it can be inaccurate eventually so I stopped.
I have waves of nausea, mild cramping (sometimes moderate), breasts are a bit sore but not painful...my nipples are actually way more sensitive. I had spotting brown last week and was put on pelvic rest but Saturday I spotted again. I have an appointment tomorrow, the nurse said it seems normal but just in case they want to do labwork and check my HCG levels so I have to go back after 48 hours.
Now I am anxiously waiting...
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2022.01.24 11:55 cbvv1992 🔥Funny Items – $5.45 Archie Mcphee Instant underpants. Just add water one pair

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2022.01.24 11:55 Ok_Ad9561 Crude and Russian invasion

Hey guys, quick question Any thoughts on the price of crude vis-a-vis a a Russian invasion of Ukraine?
The price per barrel is down today on heightening tensions indicating a negative sentiment but couldn’t rising tensions raise the risk of a material spike? Wouldn’t it materially disrupt oil supply, causing Brent oil to soar?
Please share your thoughts:) Good luck to all!
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2022.01.24 11:55 cbvv1992 🔥50% Off Code – $8.49 Dry Brushing Body Brush for Lymphatic Drainage

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2022.01.24 11:55 birocc https://youtu.be/sr5G8TLYIEw

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2022.01.24 11:55 ericmao0910 The Black White Bar (Alignment)

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2022.01.24 11:55 Lux_Brumalis I have not left your side.

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2022.01.24 11:55 Voyage_of_Roadkill [poem] Emily Dickinson 'A Fly[...]'

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2022.01.24 11:55 Taztiger72 NEW! Best Damn Beard Amplifier

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2022.01.24 11:55 Firm-Swan-4085 A Question about Mastering

Hey guys i wanted to ask something and for always and forever know what i am doing wrong i have been making music for 3 years and when i send out stems for mastering sometimes i put eq on them when maaking the song i mean like effects i put them on so i can make it my sound and send it to the mastering engineer many people have told me that i shoud send them witouth any effects on them but i feel like that way the song itself won't be how it's supposed to be i want someone to answer me cause it's been an issue for quite a while, and i can't just work with deafult sounds and not tweak them i only do beats i do mastering and usually send them out to other people to do it so idk
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2022.01.24 11:55 Brazilian-Ape Second snail mail problem

Hello apes,

English powered by Google Translator, sorry.
I received my first letter 20 days ago, I registered online at Computershare and ended up wrongly filling in the W-8BEN form that came with the letter.
According to the post I made on the day, some apes friends told me that it could be completed online.
W-8BEN help : Superstonk (reddit.com)

Today I received a second letter but it only contained the W-8BEN form and not the access code.
I got in touch via chat and the Computershare agent told me that my letter with the access code was on its way (after confirming some data, the attendant told me that it was posted on 01/03/2022).
But I think what was posted that day was just this letter I got today.

Has anyone ever experienced this?
Should I wait a few more days to see if the letter arrives or should I send the completed form and wait to request a new access code?

I'm pretty lost with this situation, I don't remember seeing anything like it.

Thank you very much for the help.
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2022.01.24 11:55 TwitFeedBot 🐦 @Daimajin_psn: 俺とオナチャしたい覚者はInfelnas Burnside (take_ton_bo, Daimajin)まで連絡なんすw40sのオナチャの素質と言うひゃああああああんwww #pshome #DDON #DDON2_2PV

🐦 @Daimajin_psn: 俺とオナチャしたい覚者はInfelnas Burnside (take_ton_bo, Daimajin)まで連絡なんすw40sのオナチャの素質と言うひゃああああああんwww #pshome #DDON #DDON2_2PV submitted by TwitFeedBot to PostcardsFromHome [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 11:55 Zero4A721 Would you be in favor of a co-op multiplayer mode in vanilla Noita?

I really like the game so I recomended it to my friend. He said that he would play it if it had a multiplayer mode (like Terraria). It got me thinking about the "what-If's" so I'd like to know your opinion.
If you could choose, would you add a "multiplayer mode" to Noita?
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2022.01.24 11:55 ShartTankIdea Barnum financial group. Reps and advisors, whats your take? I am being recruited from a competing firm.

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2022.01.24 11:55 LSDBunnos [homemade] Skyrim Potato Soup with Bacon and Chive garnish.

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2022.01.24 11:55 BlackwargreymonXOXO 32M Always up fo chatting and getting to know people so looking to do a old but favorite game of Truth or Dare!

I always use to love this game and have played on this sub before and met great people! Trying to open that can up again and meet and get to know you now!
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2022.01.24 11:55 bemilyh PSA: For dogs who don't always eat

Even with my 14 month old I sometimes still need this reminder...

Move the food bowl, change the food bowl, put the kibble right on the floor, put the kibble in a toy, put the kibble in a snuffle mat. Dogs get bored and need variety. And variety can be as simple as the location of the food. I know- labs will eat everything, anywhere, no questions asked. But my pup gets bored and just won't eat. I can add mix ins but not always healthy- but moving the location of the food helps him eat!
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2022.01.24 11:55 ametalslimedrewnear And a picture of— Josh Allen jumping over the moon

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