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Warum Fußball die Fans verbittert, Football sie aber begeistert

2022.01.24 09:57 Selmer_Mark_7 Warum Fußball die Fans verbittert, Football sie aber begeistert

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2022.01.24 09:57 ZoolShop Legion will not receive any more updates as post-launch support ends

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2022.01.24 09:57 rayQuGR [BotW] Physics in BotW are still the thing that amazes me the most about this game

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2022.01.24 09:57 Petinati Sunday Ride in Itú - São Paulo/ Brazil

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2022.01.24 09:57 Swiss666 Chapter 341 in a nutshell [Sharl0ck]

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2022.01.24 09:57 Excellent_Signal_945 [WP] An ancient thousand-year old alien empire discovers a massive data cache of human entertainment media inside a lone cargo ship. Inside were files of books, movies, TV shows, plays, paintings dating from the dawn of human civilization to the 21st century.

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2022.01.24 09:57 Dense-Monk Multi sensor bulb automation

Hi, looking to have motion sensed on my multi sensor turn on a light bulb, but not sure how to do that. I currently have a GE bulb, so would have to use IFTTT or Google Assistant, but don't see the multi sensor as an available trigger. I then thought, maybe I could use an abode bulb and trigger through CUE, but I don't even see an action that would be applicable to bulbs.
Any suggestions?
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2022.01.24 09:57 WrestleTownAA Card for tonight's AEW Dark: Elevation.

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2022.01.24 09:57 sikbenikendimegetir K*btr'nin açığını buldum rohunderin hesaba girince sizi engellese dahi rohunderi gotten sikebiliyosunuz

u/rohunder gotten sikis
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2022.01.24 09:57 WantonReader My phone number is lsited as "unknown" under sim card

Under Settings and the About, my phone number should be lsited, however, since I got a new sim card it just says "unknown". However, otherwise it works fine, I can call no problem and get calls regurlarly. Does anyone know what could cause this and how do I remedy it before there actually is a problem?
The phone is Sony Xperia 5, android 11.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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2022.01.24 09:57 nft_n3ws Join the Green Crypto Club! Digital values for the real world!💚🍀

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2022.01.24 09:57 leo_crest The most tankiest thing I have ever created

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2022.01.24 09:57 jobsinanywhere Russian stocks collapse when the U.S. orders a diplomat’s family from Ukraine

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2022.01.24 09:57 MyIpodStillWorks Orange Browallia (Streptosolen jamesonni )

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2022.01.24 09:57 notDatBazz Are you even real?

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2022.01.24 09:57 HarryPotterWriter New Book: Harry Potter and The Return Of Gryffindor

I am a Cambridge Uni student in my first year. If you read my previous posts ypu will understand.
Pls give any comments on any plot holes or errors in my writing. Much obliged thank you!!
Chapter 1 – For Sale.
Toot! Toot! The train sounded as it left the station. The numerous travelers climbed on and off the train to reach their destination. This was a all too familiar sound for Harry as he glanced at the people of all ages and sizes board the number 9 train to the heart of London.. This brought back pleasant memories of his travels to Hogwarts and platform 93/4.
Sighing he walked along the red brick Road until he noticed he reached Privet Drive, Little Whinging. He saw his old house where he had unpleasant memories with the Dursleys. Going for a closer look he saw a For Sale sign in the front yard; “Good Riddance,” he said. “I never did like them” he added.
As he turned to leave someone yelled “Are you interested in the house?” As Harry turned to look he was faced with a stocky looking man with beady eyes and a thick lip. Harry was about to respond when the curious looking man said “The Dursleys said the house was haunted and would offload it at a cheap price.” As Harry was about to respond a crack sounded before him, he immediately turned around and saw a middle-aged, big, beefy man, looking somewhat like a walrus, with hardly any neck, and a large moustache. All too quickly an image flashed at the back of his mind and before the beefy man could say anything Harry ran away; seeing an incoming bus, jumped onto it and took a quick peek outside the window, but the beefy man wasn’t to be seen. Was it a figment of his imagination, he wondered?
Getting off at the next stop, Harry wondered what to do next. He was lost, alone and penniless. Now would have been a good time to cast a exodus cashicus the perfect spell to solve all your money problems it was very enticing but Harry knew he shouldn’t be doing any magic even though he has finished Hogwarts and besides it was a powerful spell to conjure why hadn’t Ron and his family used it then he told himself.
Wondering where to go next, Harry strolled around corners, more corners and corners again until he reached a peculiar looking statue. It was a giant skull made of Gold based on a man’s back. Harry couldn’t believe what he was seeing and curious asked someone what he made of it.
“Excuse me, who made that statue?” Harry asked a tall, stocky man wearing a grey coast with a red umbrella underneath his hands in a inquisitive tone.
“What statue” the man replied.
“That one, with the man supporting a skull”, Harry replied anxiously.
“There is no skull, are you okay m’boy” the man asked in a worried tone.
“But..But..” Harry stuttered as he couldn’t find the right words and stomped away before the man could say anything.
“I don’t believe this. What is happening? Am I imagining things? Harry kept on asking himself questions but with no avail couldn’t find any answers.
“Enough is enough, I am going to go have a closer look at the statue” Harry said to himself determined to find out what was going on.
As he moved closer and closer to the statue, it moved farther and farther away.
“Good Gracious, it’s as if its…magic, that’s it magic” he told to himself now ever determined he took out his wand from his cloak and waved it to the statue he chanted the Revelio Charm
“Aparecium Revelio” Harry shouted in a large, clear voice. And suddenly a large portal began to open it was as large as a palace doorway but was invisible to the human eye; but Harry was no human, he was a wizard. With the portal open Harry stepped in and the darkness engulfing him.
Chapter 2 – The Portal
Inside the blackness Harry looked for any signs to suggest where he was; but he could spot none. Trying to see he raised his wand and yelled; “Lumos” and suddenly the blackness was gone, and the portal was lit. Harry saw that he was standing it a old, wooden room with large bookshelves everywhere he looked stacked with books on witches, wizards, elves and magic.
“What place is this?” Harry questioned himself looking amazed but still held his guard knowing anything can happen, something which he will never forget.
Curious about what the books contain, Harry grabbed a book and looked at its title and was amazed to see the title THE BOY WHO LIVED. Suddenly the booked flipped open and turned and turned until it reached page number 18 and Harry saw something that he never though he would. It was the daily prophet and the top of the page read HARRY POTTER RETURNS TO HOGWARTS ON HIS 18th BIRTHDAY. After reading this, Harry immediately closed the book, put it back on the shelf and whispered to himself;
“That’s not possible, I will NEVER go back to Hogwarts.” After those lines, the room suddenly went dark. Harry tried to get some light by yelling
“Lumos”, “Lumos.” No luck, nothing happened, the room remained dark.
Trying to navigate through the room, Harry tripped on a inanimate object and hurtled to the floor, his head striking a hard, sharp object and Harry lay still, motionless.
Behing a in a low pitch voice, strange yet familiar a voice came;
“Dobby must convince Harry Potter to return to Hogwarts, Dobby is very sorry.”
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2022.01.24 09:57 gokulahd MBA/PG Course For a Average Student

Hey Guys I'm 27 From India Currently working as on a Executive role for a well known marketing agency. I've a experience of 4 Yrs and 4 Months work experience al together. Even though there is a progress/Improvement at every stage of my career like like the size of the account, Budgets, different markets etc. The Company which I'm working right now has good global visibility and budget scale i feel it would take a slower period for me to get into a higher role.
So i was thinking a MBA would help me in getting the Career pivot in a comparatively faster way. Not to sound underconfident but me being a Avg Student all my life i know i wont be able to compete with the Top Universities of the US/World.
So i was looking at comparatively Average schools around the world which would be easy for me to get into of course I'm ready to prepare for the exams and skill myself. All i'm looking for is a better lifestyle with good work life balance. In that case what would you guys suggest/advice : 1.'is MBA right for me?'/ Shall i look at Masters in Marketing sort of Courses 2.What are the Universities/regions other than US/Canada that actually provides value[Placements, PR Options] for the course fee that we pay.
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2022.01.24 09:57 magge_weeb hamed was hast du gesagt

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2022.01.24 09:57 Welnesguru Do I have to quit vaping/nicotine in NA?

Vaping isn’t a trigger to use drugs for me, but my spouse hates it. But I only do it a few times a week and only for the past few months.
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2022.01.24 09:57 RoodyPoo44 Enough with the options mindgames!

If there’s anything that should be learnt with the options expiring on the 22nd Jan is that everyone got it wrong, not even anywhere close to max pain and what not. If anything, this past week should have shown it’s not as simple as HFs and max pain.
I’m tired of all the mental gymnastics people do using option chain. Options chains are used to pump that MMs are going to drive up the price and when it doesn’t happen, the blame game starts with blaming the MMs and HFs.
A good starting point would be to admit that everyone has got everything wrong about this company including me and that no one knows what’s going to happen. It’s irresponsible to pump something and when you get it wrong, point the fingers at HFs.
Rant over. And FU Yandai for stealing 600 million from Americans.
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2022.01.24 09:57 Transgirlwoahah19 I’m offended as soon as he said I only date women I was offended like I am a woman.

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2022.01.24 09:57 ElephantSeveral8284 Veri Mutch

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2022.01.24 09:57 Sangheili006 AY2022/2023 Sem 1 University of Texas at Arlington OGEM

Anyone heading to UTA for Winter semester this year? Drop me a dm!!
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2022.01.24 09:57 MethodAccurate2910 Some protocol questions - how "trustless" is it?

Hey frens,
Your bridge seems super nice and a very interesting concept.
I do have some questions about the protocol. Where would be the right place to ask?

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2022.01.24 09:57 jacobhess13 Research Russia: Expect serious market disruptions if a way breaks out (Danske Bank)

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