Can anyone here guess my ethnicity?

2022.01.24 11:34 Dangerous_Length3762 Can anyone here guess my ethnicity?

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2022.01.24 11:34 legobuddy06 Me taking down communist spys

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2022.01.24 11:34 Light_Roasted_Coffee Keiichi Tsuchiya visits Type One HQ and tests out Spoon rigid collars on an Odyssey

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2022.01.24 11:34 kyoumokawaii [MusicWatch] Ochame Kinou (Cover) - Ayunda Risu / Moona Hoshinova / Airani Iofifteen [1M Views] (575 Days)

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2022.01.24 11:34 HealthyStyle04 Tammy Abraham POTM or nah?

He could be the first player to win POTM in a while for a Roma side. He's scored against juve, Milan, two big clubs, earned a penalty, created two goals Vs Empoli, got robbed of a penalty twice and scored twice against Empoli. The only real threats are Caprari (who scored against farmers other than Empoli) and Berardi (who had two goals and three assists against average sides)
View Poll
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2022.01.24 11:34 TunesMedia Bitcoin (BTC) Flashing ‘Perfect’ Setup for a Bounce, According to Trading Veteran Tone Vays

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2022.01.24 11:34 BetterThanCereal Do you like your job? Are you happy with your pay?

Asking as I'm looking for inspiration for a career change. I'm 24, just out of uni and currently working as a Biomedical Scientist (Band 5- £25655 p/a)..... But I hate it.... I wanted to work in science, not become a glorified factory worker. Career progression is slow + limited and my only way out is either find a place on the STP (5 places across the country) or joining a long waiting list for workplace portfolios...
My friends in tech are earning £50K+, pharmaceuticals are earning £35k+ and I'm just feeling super bummed being the poorest person all the time. I've been thinking about learning to code to hop into the tech sector but have no idea where to start. Anyone else feel like they're stagnating?
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2022.01.24 11:34 ghoests Lily - 나만그래 (Brightday) (2019)

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2022.01.24 11:34 tigswalsh7 Shameful request

Hey guys, I really hate to ask this as I shouldn't have to.
It's my girls birthday coming up and I really want to get her some Tyler merch probably in the 25-30 euro range, I think she'd appreciate it a lot, I'm in a tough patch in life and I'm barely struggling to get by with rent and costs of living lately
Is there anyone who'd be kind enough to lend a few euros , anything that could help me put towards it I'd greatly appreciate?
Thank you (:
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2022.01.24 11:34 T_Nic_Marie A Bit *Nippy* - New NFT up for Auction!

Asset ID:
Tasteful but still NSFW
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2022.01.24 11:34 Dreamcore_babe How to manage FND at school???

Hello, I’m a 14 year old trans male and about a month ago, I was officially diagnosed with conversion disorder! I haven’t seen anyone like my doctor or neurologist since then and my symptoms are progressively getting worse ):
A few of my symptoms include: Paralysis of the legs Weakness in my body PNES seizures
Visual changes
A lot more has been going on and I have been trying my best to go to school. Mainly because my parents would go to jail if I don’t. (I’ve been out for three months on doctors notice.)
The school/neurologist won’t give me a mobility aids or any extra accommodations because it’s “nothing medical”
So pretty much, how do I manage my symptoms at school ? I really need answer because I am so close to transferring or dropping out.
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2022.01.24 11:34 Romans1312 Except that one time

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2022.01.24 11:34 hillsonn Options for laptops with US keyboard layout?

I am in the market for a new laptop but I deal with a Japanese keyboard layout. It isn't worth the frustration to me to switch between my desktop and laptop setups. I am wondering if anyone knows particular models that have alternative keyboard options?
I know that Macbooks have this option but I am a WIndows/Linux person. I also know that Dell XPS have this option. Anyone know of others? Also, I am not in a major city, so will have to order online.
Any thoughts or comments appreciated.
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2022.01.24 11:34 Infamous-Living-1725 Ready to conquer the day

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2022.01.24 11:34 Grey_Force_Weilder Bonemass

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2022.01.24 11:34 DeazyD97 I don’t have an instructor for one of classes and the class is canceled (for now)

They said that they will search for a capable instructor to teach the course but until then the class is canceled. What does this mean now? If they find an instructor, do we make up missed work or skip? How long does it usually take to find an instructor? This has never happened to me and it’s a core class for my major.
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2022.01.24 11:34 Peacelovefisting Need help managing classes, studying, social life, work, and alone time.

Any tips or strategies that have worked for you guys would be appreciated.
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2022.01.24 11:34 Sebicloti Second pair of Vans. Had no idea what i was actually getting but i have no regrets.

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2022.01.24 11:34 MrAwesome5269 On my way to school, I found this amazing thing

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2022.01.24 11:34 PopDiscombobulated11 Did anyone else's dock/ferry disappear with the new update?

My ferry disappeared when update came and i cant unlock the dock from the tech tree. It just says lock with no explanation. Is there a requirement for it that i just dont see?
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2022.01.24 11:34 Unidentified_Alt_99 Double-check my long term strategic plan to grief server and never get caught.

I've recently joined an SMP and want to grief without getting caught. The thing is, I dont actually want to be the one detonating the explosives. I want to build traps. I want people to grief their own bases.
# The Problem:
This server has Core Protect. That means no matter how stealthy I am in a Vanilla sense, they can find out who placed what blocks by looking at the logs, data that is stored for up to 3 months. As far as I can tell, there is no way to trick CoreProtect into not logging your block placement.
# The Plan:
Part 1: Alts + VPN. Using the Wurst Alt feature, I can log on with a different account everytime. If I use a VPN whenever I am on an Alt and NEVER when I am on my main account, the alts should act as a dummy and take the ban for me. Then, I can make a new alt and do it again. By using the VPN, I ensure they can't track me back to my main account through the IP, and stop me from being IP banned.
Part 2: Brew invisibility potions and craft TNT minecarts. The goal is to make the biggest crater I can. I can wait for a player to leave their base by using the servers' dynmap feature, which allows me to see the locations of players in the world. By using the minecarts, I decrease my footprint, making it harder to detect when there are traps and making my plan simpler to execute. Then, I just wait. Eventually, someone will activate or find the trap, almost certainly post it to the discord, and my alt will be banned. But it won't be enough.
# Concerns about my plan.
Will my Alts + VPN plan work? Has anybody else tried this? I'm not entirely sure how the Alts system works, and I may be wrong about it entirely. Any input on whether or not this is possible is very much appreciated.

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2022.01.24 11:34 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Saffron Octane: Noooo!] [Saffron Tachyon] [Saffron Bionic] [Saffron Flame Chain]

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2022.01.24 11:34 lucy1299 Back in the day 😏

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2022.01.24 11:34 neekseni This half-renovated facade.

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2022.01.24 11:34 LastApricot5818 Strength or hypertrophy for sprinting?

OK so I just started gym training and I just wondered should I go for strength or hypertrophy and if so how many reps should i do. Should I go for getting bigger muscles or should I just go for more strength
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