[Serious] Have you ever met a ghost? If you did, what was your experience?

2022.01.24 10:09 redditnoob0001 [Serious] Have you ever met a ghost? If you did, what was your experience?

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2022.01.24 10:09 Kraken626 Next up, give me some opponents for the Yakuza leader Overhaul.

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2022.01.24 10:09 dwelzofficial Public / private places in Melbourne

Hi guys, I do a bit of photography & videography, and I would like to learn more of what is considered a private place and what is public in Melbourne, in terms of being able to shoot and record.
I just came across a video of a photographer being approached at Dandenong market where everyone was telling him he is not allowed to film, but he kept mentioning that he is allowed due to the market being a public place.
Any more info on how to tell what is public / private?
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2022.01.24 10:09 Chyllion [FOR HIRE] Commissions open! Characters and illustrations. See the comments for more info!

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2022.01.24 10:09 Is-ThisAllowed77 How can I give myself a reading?

A spirit/entity has been following me everywhere I go and I want to have a conversation with it to figure out what’s going on. I this entity has on a brown leather jacket with fluff of the ends of the sleeves and bandages. It is also wearing sunglasses. I cannot see it’s face too well and I can’t tell if it is wearing bandages over it. It makes me feel loved or warm like I’m getting a hug. When I’m at school, this spirit will stand behind where I’m sitting. It will touch me from time to time to either comfort or say “I’m here.”
I’ve also had dreams where we are in a coffee shop having a conversation. These conversations do not last long and I don’t remember everything said.
How can I communicate with him/it?
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2022.01.24 10:09 Icantthinkofaname678 Cute couple have some naughty fun

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2022.01.24 10:09 zac345678 Do you prefer to do gymnastics in bare feet or socks and why?

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2022.01.24 10:09 PurpleHawk222 Cowboys still coping over the last weeks embarrassing loss

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2022.01.24 10:09 Space_Eaglez I know she's not a Space Marine. But here is my test model for my Order of the Righteous Fury. Inspired by Flesh Tearers. Would love to know what you think!

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2022.01.24 10:09 mrsimpson928 [STEEZ's Raw Ass Booking] Carnage Tour Night Four: Book Katsuyori Shibata's Return (Part Two: SHOOT THEM NIGGAS BROAD DAY, MADE IT HOT AGAIN, CHUCK THE YOLA LIKE A GOD AGAIN)

Part One


In the last part, we saw Shibata begin his comeback as he looks to fight for a shot to enter the G1 Climax Finals. However, with a bevy of opponents ahead of him, including Jay White, Hirooki Goto, Taichi, and Kazuchika Okada, it’s clear to everybody that this may be Shibata’s toughest challenge since returning to in-ring competition. Tonight, he’s got the IWGP World Champ, Jay White ahead of him, which is sure to be no easy task.

G1 Climax 32 - Night 11 (August 1, 2022)

Katsuyori Shibata (4) vs. Jay White (8)

If Shibata wants a mere chance to make it to the G1 Finals, he needs to not only win this match, but win every other match going forward. However, this won’t be any easy task, AS SHIBATA FACES OFF WITH THE IWGP WORLD CHAMPION TONIGHT! We open this match with a simple collar and elbow tie-up, as Shibata takes control over the champion, using his expertise on the ground to outwrestle King Switch for a bit. However, after Gedo leaps onto the apron to cause a distraction, Shibata ends up getting knocked down by the Switchblade, WHO BLASTS HIM WITH THE HUGE NECKBREAKER TO GET ON TOP!

We see Jay White immediately go for the head of Shibata, as he seeks to exploit the one major weakness that the Wrestler has right now. He spends a ton of time blasting Shibata with a ton of forearm and elbow smashes, which would normally not faze him, however they’re amplified by his current state. Eventually, a Saito Suplex ends up giving White a kickout at two, and the Switchblade takes control of the match. However, he attempts a Lariat to strike Shibata down… BUT SHIBATA ENDS UP CATCHING IT INTO A KIMURA LOCK!!!

White is able to reach the bottom rope however, but Shibata still keeps applying pressure on White, as he blasts him with a flurry of strikes before landing a Corner Yakuza Kick into a Low Corner Dropkick for a kickout at two. However, once again we see Gedo interfere in the match, as he steps onto the apron only to get knocked off by a Lariat from Shibata… ALLOWING WHITE TO FIRE OFF THE URANAGE THAT DROPS SHIBATA STRAIGHT ON HIS HEAD! White manages to get his heat back here, landing move after move on the dazed Shibata BEFORE LANDING THE STRAIGHT JACKET BRAINBUSTER! ONE… TWO… THR-NOOO!!! SHIBATA KICKS OUT!!!

As time goes by, we see White call for the finish more and more, heaving him up for the Blade Runner… ONLY FOR WHITE TO BREAK FREE AND FIRE OFF THE LARIAT THAT TAKES BOTH OF THEM DOWN! White and Shibata stumble back to their feet now, WITH SHIBATA CALLING FOR THE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER… BUT WHITE LANDS THE DDT TO COUNTER! He heaves him up for the Blade Runner once again… BUT SHIBATA ENDS UP COUNTERING INTO THE OCTOPUS HOLD!!! White eventually stumbles over to the ropes for the break… HOWEVER IT’S SHIBATA WITH THE SLEEPER HOLD NOW!!! As Shibata falls into the center of the ring, White realizes he has nowhere to go, and as he slowly fades out… HE TAPS!!! KATSUYORI SHIBATA JUST SUBMITTED THE IWGP WORLD CHAMPION!!! AND HE KEEPS THE STREAK THAT HE NEEDS TO UPHOLD!!!

Katsuyori Shibata (6) def. Jay White (8) in 22:06

G1 Climax 32 - Night 13 (August 5, 2022)

Katsuyori Shibata (6) vs. Hirooki Goto (6)

And now, it’s time for Shibata to go to war with the man who he once held tag team gold with, it’s none other than Hirooki Goto. Both of these men are in a similar position, as they’re both one loss away from finding themselves eliminated. This match is an absolute sprint, harkening back to their Wrestle Kingdom 8 match where we saw both Shibata and Goto brawl for a solid 13 minutes. These men go back and forth for the first half of the match, until Goto manages to get the upper hand due to Shibata’s obviously terrible shape. From here on out, it seems like Shibata’s fighting to survive let alone win, and he actually manages to do so for a bit, getting a near-fall off of a huge Low Corner Dropkick, however eventually we see Goto make the comeback following a huge Ushigoroshi into a GTR, allowing him to escape elimination and win the match.

Hirooki Goto (8) def. Katsuyori Shibata (6) in 13:01

G1 Climax 32 - Night 15 (August 8, 2022)

Katsuyori Shibata (6) vs. Taichi (4)

Already eliminated from the tournament, there’s not much at stake for everybody’s favorite Wrestler, as he’s simply fighting to get himself a better standing in the tournament. Up next, he’s got Taichi, who gives him a tough challenge during this 11 minute match, however in the end, as Taichi looks to hit Black Mephisto, we see Shibata escape and lock in an Octopus Hold to force the submission.

Katsuyori Shibata (8) def. Taichi (4) in 11:22

G1 Climax 32 - Night 17 (August 10, 2022)

Katsyuori Shibata (8) vs. Kazuchika Okada (10)

It’s time for one of the biggest rematches of all time now, as Katsuyori Shibata goes head to head with his final opponent before his first forced retirement, the Rainmaker himself, Kazuchika Okada. Ever since it was announced that Shibata was cleared to wrestle, this was the match that was on everybody’s mind. And now, we’re officially being treated to it. The bell rings, and both of these men take a moment to take in the atmosphere of the Budokan Hall before eventually locking up in the center of the ring, both men wary of each other’s initial moves. Okada seeks the first move, as he’s able to lock in the arm wrench into the hammerlock… BUT IT’S SHIBATA WHO HOOKS OKADA’S NECK AND SLAMS HIM DOWN FOR THE HEADLOCK TAKEOVER! He swiftly transitions from side control onto top mount, where he postures up and looks down at Okada, the crowd realizing that Okada found himself in this exact same position during the first match. Instinctively, Okada grabs hold of both of Shibata’s wrists in an attempt to prevent him from doing anything else, however Shibata breaks free, GRABBING THE RIGHT ARM OF OKADA AND TRANSITIONING OVER INTO AN ATTEMPTED ARMBAR! We see Okada get the S-Grip in order to prevent this from being locked in, rolling into Shibata’s guard now, HOWEVER IT’S SHIBATA WHO SWIFTLY ENTERS HALF GUARD AND SWEEPS INTO OKADA’S FULL GUARD! We now witness Shibata’s transition into side control now, as he smothers Okada while grabbing his furthest arm FOR THE ATTEMPTED KIMURA LOCK… ONLY FOR OKADA TO WRAP HIS LEG AROUND THE BOTTOM ROPE TO FORCE THE BREAK BEFORE THE WRESTLER CAN LOCK THE DANGEROUS SUBMISSION IN!!!

Instantly returning to his feet, we see Shibata wait for Okada to return BEFORE GETTING ONTO HIS BACK AND OPENING UP HIS GUARD! Okada realizes that the last time, this didn’t work out so well for him, however this time he thinks that he’s evolved as a wrestler and he should be able to do better. Okada subsequently enters Shibata’s guard now, before posturing up as Shibata grabs onto the wrists to prevent any strikes. Eventually, Shibata manages to free one of his legs, entering half guard BEFORE WRAPPING HIS ARMS AROUND OKADA FOR THE ARM TRIANGLE CHOKE! Before he can fully apply the hold, we see Okada slip into side control now, ATTEMPTING TO LAND A HAMMERFIST STRIKE… ONLY FOR SHIBATA TO ROLL INTO THE WRESTLING SPRAWL AND EVENTUALLY ENTER BACK SIDE CONTROL! We see Shibata now roll onto Okada’s back, attempting to flatten Okada out for the Rear Naked Choke, however Okada rolls onto his back instead, OPENING HIMSELF UP FOR DANGEROUS PALM STRIKES FROM THE WRESTLER!!! Okada manages to get his guard up instead, blocking some of the palm strikes… BUT SHIBATA INSTEAD BEGINS TO THROW THEM ONTO THE RIBS OF OKADA! After taking a few extremely damaging shots to the midsection, Okada manages to enter half guard now, BUT SHIBATA BEGINS TO RAIN DOWN FOREARM SMASHES ONTO THE DOWNED RAINMAKER! He starts to scoot his way closer towards the ropes now, only for Shibata to now enter side control AND LOCK IN AN AMERICANA!!! BUT OKADA ONCE AGAIN REACHES THE ROPE TO FORCE THE BREAK!!!

It seems like Shibata is beginning to grow frustrated at Okada’s willingness to reach for the ropes instead of finding ways to break the submission, as evident by the way he keeps the submission in until the count of three. Once he returns to his feet, he orders that Okada returns to his feet, BEFORE OPENING HIS CHEST UP TO OKADA! Okada seems to be a bit frustrated with Shibata’s dominance over him as well, so when he winds up the Knife Edge Chop… IT SEEMS TO BE A BIT HIGHER THAN USUAL, STRIKING SHIBATA STRAIGHT IN THE THROAT!!! Red Shoes orders Okada to never do that again as Shibata drops down to one knee, with Okada ignoring the referee as he picks Shibata up… BUT IT’S SHIBATA WITH THE FLURRY OF EUROPEAN UPPERCUTS THAT DRIVE OKADA ALL THE WAY TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RING! Once Okada reaches the ropes, Red Shoes steps in between, forcing the break as he shoves the angry Shibata across the ring. Okada stumbles out of the ropes now, CHARGING AT SHIBATA FOR THE BIG BOOT NOW… BUT IT’S SHIBATA WITH THE DUCK INTO PELE KICK! Okada drops to one knee now, however Shibata hoists him right back up FOR THE SNAPMARE INTO THE SPINAL TAP! He waits for Okada to return to his feet once more, STRIKING HIM RIGHT BACK DOWN WITH THE FREE KICK ONCE OKADA GETS UP ONTO ONE KNEE!!! AND NOW IT’S SHIBATA WHO HOISTS HIM BACK TO HIS FEET FOR THE HALF HATCH SUPLEX INTO THE LATERAL PRESS!!! ONE… TWO… BUT OKADA KICKS OUT!!!

Taking a moment to wait for Okada to return to his feet, we see Shibata look around at the lovely Budokan Hall crowd, who all shower the Wrestler in admiration BEFORE HE TURNS AROUND TO BLAST OKADA WITH THE BRUTAL LARIAT! Okada stumbles back to his feet now, falling into the corner AS SHIBATA BEGINS TO FIRE OFF THAT NASTY CORNER FOREARM FLURRY BEFORE HURLING HIM INTO THE ROPES FOR THE LEG LARIAT! We see Shibata hoist Okada back to his feet now, AS HE PREPS FOR THE GERMAN SUPLEX… HOWEVER OKADA’S ABLE TO BREAK FREE AND FIRE OFF THE SHORT-ARM LARIAT… ONLY FOR SHIBATA TO DUCK UNDER AND ATTEMPT THE MUSHA GAESHI STO!!! BUT IT’S OKADA WITH THE COUNTER INTO THE MAJOR DDT!!! Shibata clutches his head now, wailing in pain as Okada watches Shibata stumble to his feet and fall into the corner. The DDT seemingly took a ton out of Shibata, which is perfect for Okada as he breaks into a sprint FOR THE RUNNING BACK ELBOW INTO THE CORNER! The follow-up shot to Shibata’s head forces the Wrestler to drop to the ground, as he attempts to crawl towards the ropes to use them to get back up… BUT IT’S OKADA WHO HOISTS HIM BACK TO HIS FEET FOR THE NECKBREAKER INTO THE LATERAL PRESS!!! ONE… TWO… BUT SHIBATA GETS THE KICKOUT!!!

We see Shibata stumble out of the ring now, using the steel barricade to keep himself standing upright, AS OKADA HITS THE ROPES FOR THE SENTON ATOMICO… BUT SHIBATA STILL HAS THE WHEREWITHAL TO STUMBLE OUT OF THE WAY BEFORE OKADA CAN DIVE! Okada uses the momentum to stumble out of the ring instead, NOW CHARGING AT SHIBATA FOR THE HUGE BIG BOOT THAT KNOCKS HIM OVER THE BARRICADE AND ONTO THE COLD CONCRETE FLOOR! The Rainmaker backs up now, BEFORE CHARGING AT SHIBATA AND LEAPING OVER THE BARRICADE FOR THE MAJOR JUMPING CROSSBODY THAT TAKES SHIBATA OUT!!! Okada hurls him over the barricade and into the ring now before leaping to the top rope, AND LANDING THE DIVING ELBOW DROP ONTO SHIBATA FOR THE COVER!!! ONE… TWO… BUT IT’S SHIBATA WITH THE KICKOUT!!! The Rainmaker wastes zero time after the kickout, instantly locking in the Deep in Debt as Shibata clutches his head right now. He attempts to scoot his way closer to the bottom rope however, BEFORE GETTING THE ROPE BREAK!!! Okada swiftly releases the hold now, hoisting Shibata back up to his feet FOR THE BIG BACKDROP SUPLEX INTO THE COVER!!! ONE… TWO… BUT IT’S SHIBATA WITH ANOTHER KICKOUT!!!

Like in their previous encounter, it seems like the Budokan Hall doesn’t take too kindly to Okada, as they boo him as he hoists Shibata back to his feet. After a Knife Edge Chop, Okada looks around at the Shibata fans in the crowd, confused as to why they aren’t in support of him BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE DISCUS LARIAT… ONLY FOR SHIBATA TO DUCK UNDER AND FIRE OFF THE SHOOT KICK THAT KNOCKS OKADA ONTO THE APRON!!! Shibata collapses to the mat now as Okada regroups himself, with the Wrestler making it back to his feet in an attempt to fire off the forearm smash onto Okada… BUT OKADA SHOVES HIM AWAY FOR THE SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK… BUT IT’S SHIBATA WITH THE SIDESTEP BEFORE HE HOISTS OKADA UP FOR THE BIG GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Both men stumble back to their feet now… AND IT’S SHIBATA WITH THE BIG DROPKICK TO TAKE OKADA OFF OF HIS FEET!!! Now both men lay on the ground, clearly exhausted as it’s announced that we’ve reached the halfway point on this match. Shibata and Okada make it back up at the same time now, WITH SHIBATA THROWING THE SLAP… ONLY FOR OKADA TO CATCH THE ARM AND HOIST SHIBATA UP FOR THE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER… BUT SHIBATA SLIPS DOWN OKADA’S BACK AND FIRES OFF THE SPINNING BACKFIST TO THE BACK OF OKADA’S HEAD!!! Shibata breaks into a sprint now… HITTING THE ROPES FOR THE YAKUZA KICK… ONLY FOR OKADA TO DUCK UNDER AND TAKE SHIBATA’S BACK FOR THE GERMAN SUPLEX… BUT SHIBATA BREAKS THE GRIP AND GRABS WRIST CONTROL FOR THE SHORT-ARM YAKUZA KICK INTO THE COVER!!! ONE… TWO… TH-NOOOO!!! KICKOUT BY OKADA!!!


We’re now about ten minutes to the 30-minute time limit for this G1 Climax battle, as a time limit draw seems to grow more and more possible by the second. Shibata stumbles back to his feet now, taking a moment to recover from this grueling war as Okada lies in absolute pain on the floor. He waits for the Rainmaker to return to his feet now, BEFORE FIRING OFF A HUGE FLURRY OF SHOOT KICKS THAT KNOCK OKADA BACK TO THE GROUND!!! We see Shibata drop down to one knee once again, clutching his head as he’s in an immense amount of pain following Okada’s head-targeting offense. Nevertheless, the warrior perseveres, as he hoists Okada back to his feet AND THROWS HIM INTO THE CORNER FOR THE CORNER YAKUZA KICK!!! He grabs Okada by the back of the neck once more, TOSSING HIM INTO THE OPPOSITE CORNER FOR YET ANOTHER CORNER YAKUZA KICK!!! Okada stumbles out of the corner into Shibata now, AS HE LETS LOOSE THE HUGE MUSHA GAESHI INTO THE COVER!!! ONE… TWO… THR-NOOOO!!! IT’S OKADA WITH THE KICKOUT!!! Shibata sits Okada up now, HITTING THE ROPES FOR THE PK ATTEMPT… BUT SHIBATA MISSES AS OKADA DODGES IT AND STUMBLES TO HIS FEET!!! Once Shibata realizes that he’s missed the PK, he turns around, looking for Okada ONLY TO FIND HIMSELF RUNNING STRAIGHT INTO A DISCUS LARIAT!!! Okada stumbles into the corner now, heading up top as Shibata stumbles back to his feet SO THAT HE CAN LAND THE HUGE DIVING MISSILE DROPKICK INTO THE COVER!!! ONE… TWO… THRE-NOOOOO!!! SHIBATA MANAGES TO GET THE SHOULDER UP!!!

Both men are down now, with Red Shoes beginning to count them out before Okada returns to his feet at the count of six. He watches as Shibata lies motionless on the mat, before hoisting him back up to his feet AND FLOORING THE WRESTLER WITH A HUGE ELBOW SMASH!!! Okada keeps control of that wrist however, yanking him back to his feet FOR THE HUGE SHORT-ARM LARIAT INTO THE COVER!!! ONE… TWO… THRE-NOOOOOOOO!!! YET ANOTHER KICKOUT BY SHIBATA AS HE STAYS IN THE MATCH!!! Okada is unfazed by the kickout however, as he simply picks Okada back to his feet AS HE ATTEMPTS THE RAINMAKER… BUT SHIBATA DUCKS UNDER AND STEPS OVER OKADA FOR THE OCTOPUS HOLD!!! THE MANJIGATAME IS LOCKED IN TIGHT!!! Okada nearly falls down to the mat, nearly collapsing not only due to the sheer weight of Shibata, but the intense pressure that the hold puts onto his body. Nevertheless, HE MANAGES TO PERSEVERE, MAKING IT BACK TO HIS FEET AND STUMBLING INTO THE CORNER TO FORCE THE ROPE BREAK!!! Shibata immediately releases the hold however, INSTEAD HOISTING OKADA BACK TO HIS FEET NOW AND LANDING YET ANOTHER INSANE FLURRY OF STRIKES AND KICKS THAT ENDS WITH OKADA BEING KNOCKED INTO THE CORNER BY A SPINNING BACKFIST!!! Now seated and propped up by the turnbuckle, Okada lies in pain as Shibata backs up BEFORE BLASTING OKADA WITH THE LOW CORNER DROPKICK!!! AND HE DRAGS HIM OUT OF THE CORNER BEFORE HITTING THE ROPES HARD FOR THE PK!!! SHIBATA HITS IT!!! AND HE COLLAPSES ONTO OKADA FOR THE COVER… ONE… TWO… THRE-NOOOOOOO!!! IT’S OKADA WITH THE MAJOR KICKOUT TO KEEP THE MATCH GOING!!!

Shibata is unsure of what more he needs to do in order to put Okada out of commission, as our trusty ring announcer blurts out “5 minutes remaining!” If Shibata wants this win, he’s going to need to act fast. We see Shibata return to his feet now, SITTING OKADA UP AND HITTING THE ROPES ONCE MORE FOR ANOTHER DEVASTATING PK… BUT OKADA MANAGES TO CATCH THE KICK!!! Shibata stumbles to the ground as the clearly dazed Okada latches onto Shibata’s leg, unsure of what else to do despite knowing that this might be the safest position to be in right now. We see Shibata grow irate over the fact that Okada won’t let go of his calf, grabbing him by the hair and landing a few closed fist strikes to force Okada to let go. Once he lets go, Shibata hoists Okada back to his feet now, AS HE ATTEMPTS ANOTHER SPINNING BACKFIST… ONLY FOR OKADA TO GRAB THE WRIST AND FIRE OFF THE SHORT-ARM LARIAT!!! AND HE MAINTAINS WRIST CONTROL!!! Okada hoists the dazed Shibata back to his feet once more now, BEFORE BLASTING HIM WITH YET ANOTHER SHORT-ARM LARIAT!!! Both men collapse to the ground, with Okada stumbling back to his feet BEFORE LETTING LOOSE YET ANOTHER RAINMAKER POSE WITH THE ZOOM OUT!!! He picks Shibata up now, HOOKING THE ARM FOR THE MAJOR RIPCORD INTO THE RAINMAKER!!! AND OKADA DRAPES THE ARM OVER SHIBATA… ONE… TWO… THREE!!! KAZUCHIKA OKADA TAKES B BLOCK!!!

Kazuchika Okada (12) def. Katsuyori Shibata (8) in 27:28

G1 Climax 32 Finals (August 13, 2022)

These are the important matches we see on tonight’s card, with the winners in bold:
Jay White and KENTA vs. Tomohiro Ishii and Toru Yano
Kota Ibushi vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (c) - IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship
Shingo Takagi vs. Will Ospreay - G1 Climax 32 Final

After Jay White and KENTA pick up the victory over Ishii and Yano, we see none other than Katsuyori Shibata confront King Switch following the match. He makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring, staring KENTA down before eventually turning his attention over to the Switchblade. White tells KENTA to exit the ring, and Shibata picks up a microphone, stating that he may not have had the most stellar G1 Climax this year, but he did what few others were able to do, and that was defeat the IWGP World Champion. Because of that, he believes that he’s got a claim for the title at Castle Attack, which would mark his first World Championship shot since returning from that head injury of his. White raises the title over the both of their heads, accepting the challenge, before walking off on him, leaving him in the ring.

NJPW Castle Attack - Night 2 (September 6, 2022)

These are the important matches we see on tonight’s card, with the winners in bold:
KENTA vs. Kota Ibushi (c) - IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship
Katsuyori Shibata vs. Jay White (c) - IWGP World Championship

Katsuyori Shibata vs. Jay White (c) - IWGP World Championship

It’s time for Katsuyori Shibata’s first IWGP World Championship opportunity ever since that fateful night in Tokyo’s Ryōgoku Kokugikan, where we saw Shibata’s career at the time come to a close. Tonight, he looks to pick up a victory over King Switch, who has held the gold ever since defeating Kazuchika Okada at Dominion. As the match starts, we hear the crowd loudly back the Wrestler, as him and White circle around each other before eventually locking up. To the surprise of nobody, Shibata ends up taking control of his arm via hammerlock, though White is able to roll into the ropes for the break. Shibata doesn’t listen to Red Shoes’ demands to release White however, instead grabbing the waistlock AND HURLING HIM INTO THE CENTER OF THE RING FOR THE SUPLEX TAKEDOWN! Landing in back side control, we see Shibata mount the back of White, rolling into a near Rear Naked Choke, only for White to get his arm in between his neck and Shibata’s forearm, preventing the hold from being fully applied. Once he realizes that he can’t get the Rear Naked Choke applied, Shibata grabs hold of the right arm of White BEFORE GOING FOR THE ARMBAR… BUT WHITE GETS THE S-GRIP TO PREVENT IT FROM BEING FULLY APPLIED! White is able to roll into Shibata’s guard now, however this isn’t the place to be, as Shibata fakes a Guillotine Choke before rolling into back side control once again, only for White to grab the ropes and finally force the break.

Once Red Shoes orders Shibata to release White, the challenger does so, returning to his feet and ordering that White come at him. The Switchblade does so, charging at White for the Lariat, BUT HE RUNS DIRECTLY INTO A HUGE LEFT HANDED SLAP FROM THE WRESTLER! Shibata fires off a few stiff Shoot Kicks to White’s midsection now, BEFORE HURLING HIM INTO THE ROPES FOR THE BIG YAKUZA KICK THAT NEARLY DECAPITATES WHITE!!! The crowd erupts for Shibata as he stands over White, watching him as he returns to his feet. Once White’s standing upright, Shibata lets loose not one, but two quick yet impactful forearm smashes, before grabbing hold of White AS HE LOOKS FOR THE GERMAN SUPLEX, BUT WHITE BREAKS FREE! Now it’s White with the attempted short-range Clothesline, BUT SHIBATA DUCKS UNDER IT AND RETURNS FIRE WITH THE ROUNDHOUSE KICK! White stumbles around, walking directly into a headlock from Shibata, though he’s able to back him into the ropes and hurl him away AS HE LOOKS FOR THE DROPKICK… ONLY FOR SHIBATA TO HOLD ONTO THE ROPES AND FIRE OFF A HUGE LEG LARIAT ONTO THE BACK OF WHITE’S HEAD!!! AND NOW IT’S SHIBATA WITH THE COVER… ONE… TWO… KICKOUT BY WHITE!!!

We see Shibata return to his feet now, all business as the New Japan faithful cheer him on. He hoists White back to his feet now, before grabbing the cravate into the snapmare FOR THE SPINAL TAP… BUT WHITE DUCKS UNDER! Shibata spins around as a result of the missed kick, ALLOWING WHITE TO GET THE SCHOOLBOY ROLL-UP! ONE… TWO… KICKOUT!!! White is able to quickly grab the double underhook hold as Shibata attempts to roll through to his feet, BEFORE TAKING HIM DOWN WITH THE BIG BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!!! Both Shibata and White stumble to their feet now, with White grabbing the waistlock for the German Suplex now, ONLY TO CATCH A BACK ELBOW FOR HIS TROUBLES! Stumbling back now, he watches as Shibata charges for the Lariat, AND HE CATCHES HIM FOR THE REVERSE STO! Shibata bounces back to his feet now, turning around DIRECTLY INTO A PENDULUM BACKBREAKER!!! AND IT’S WHITE WITH THE COVER… ONE… TWO… BUT SHIBATA KICKS OUT! Instantly after the kickout, we see White grab Shibata for the headlock, however Shibata is able to roll onto his feet AND ATTEMPT THE BACK SUPLEX… ONLY FOR WHITE TO LAND ON HIS FEET! Shibata immediately realizes that White was able to escape, turning around and throwing a Roundhouse Kick, BUT IT’S SHIBATA WITH THE DUCK INTO THE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! He pushes Shibata onto his stomach now, BEFORE LOCKING IN THE DEEP BOSTON CRAB!

As White synches the crab in deep, we see Shibata begin to make the crawl over to the ropes. Through severe pain, he’s able to reach it to force the break, however White keeps it in for a good four extra seconds before releasing the hold. He hoists Shibata up to his feet now, looking for the German Suplex… BUT SHIBATA BREAKS THE WRISTLOCK! Now maintaining wrist control, WE SEE SHIBATA ATTEMPT THE SHORT-ARM LARIAT… ONLY FOR WHITE TO HOIST HIM UP FOR THE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! AND NOW IT’S SHIBATA WITH THE MUTA LOCK!!! Once again, we witness White as he attempts to crawl over to the bottom rope, though it’s clearly a slow crawl. He spends a decent amount of time in the hold before making it close to the bottom rope, FORCING WHITE TO RELEASE THE HOLD AND DRAG SHIBATA BACK INTO THE CENTER OF THE RING TO REAPPLY THE HOLD! BUT NOW IT’S SHIBATA WHO GRABS WHITE’S WRISTS TO BREAK THE HOLD! Once he escapes the submission, both men make it back to their feet, WITH WHITE ATTEMPTING THE URANAGE… ONLY FOR SHIBATA TO BREAK FREE AND LAND THE FLURRY OF ELBOW SMASHES!!! He now grabs the wrist of White before getting the ripcord INTO THE HUGE SLAP!!! AND HE FOLLOWS IT UP WITH THE BACKDROP SUPLEX!!! Shibata stumbles back to his feet now BEFORE HOISTING UP WHITE FOR THE MAJOR USHIGOROSHI!!! AND HE COLLAPSES OVER WHITE FOR THE COVER… ONE… TWO… BUT WHITE GETS THE KICKOUT!!!

Taking a moment to recover, Shibata eventually returns to his feet, watching as he awaits the return of Jay White. We see White eventually stumble back to his feet as well, THOUGH HE ENDS UP WALKING STRAIGHT INTO THE SPINNING BACKFIST BY SHIBATA! AND HE HOISTS HIM BACK UP FOR THE GERMAN SUPLEX… BUT WHITE IS ABLE TO BREAK FREE AND FIRE OFF THE KNIFE EDGE CHOP INTO THE BIG JUMPING NECKBREAKER! Shibata’s on wobbly legs now as he’s held up by White, WHO GOES FOR ANOTHER URANAGE ATTEMPT… BUT IT’S SHIBATA WITH THE REVERSAL INTO THE LEG HOOK STO!!! AND SHIBATA HOOKS THE LEG… ONE… TWO… TH-NOOO!!! KICKOUT BY WHITE!!! Shibata returns to his feet now, using the power of the crowd to grant him the strength to hoist White up to a seated position, AS HE HITS THE ROPES FOR THE PK… BUT HE MISSES AS WHITE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Stumbling to his feet, White is able to land the Dropkick, knocking Shibata onto the apron as he grabs him through the ropes FOR THE SPIKE DDT!!! SHIBATA IS MOTIONLESS ON THE MAT AS THE CROWD GOES SPEECHLESS!!! White yanks Shibata into the center of the ring now, HOOKING THE LEG FOR THE COVER… ONE… TWO… THRE-NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! SOMEHOW WHITE IS ABLE TO POWER OUT OF THE PINNING ATTEMPT AND STAY IN THIS MATCH!!! King Switch is in awe of Shibata’s resilience, hoisting him back to his feet now as he picks him back up FOR THE BLADE BUSTER!!! THAT’S GOTTA BE ENOUGH TO PUT SHIBATA OUT TO PASTURE!!! ONE… TWO… THRE-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! YET ANOTHER INSANE KICKOUT BY SHIBATA TO ONCE AGAIN PROLONG THIS MATCH!!!

Growing frustrated, we see the Switchblade hoist the Wrestler back to his feet, CALLING FOR THE BLADE RUNNER… ONLY FOR SHIBATA TO BREAK FREE! He stumbles into the corner, WHERE WE SEE WHITE ATTEMPT THE CORNER DROPKICK… BUT SHIBATA LEAPS OUT OF THE WAY AT THE LAST SECOND TO DODGE IT! White leaps back to his feet now, CHARGING AT SHIBATA FOR THE LARIAT… BUT IT’S WHITE WITH THE DUCK INTO THE SLEEPER HOLD!!! White stays standing, desperately reaching for the ropes as he seeks to break the hold… BUT NOW IT’S SHIBATA WITH THE INSANE SLEEPER SUPLEX!!! Taking a moment to return to his feet, Shibata stumbles around, nearly collapsing yet again as it’s clear to everybody that he’s not at his best right now following that Spike DDT and Blade Buster. Nevertheless, he still seeks to will himself on, as he sits White up FOR ANOTHER PK… BUT IT’S WHITE WHO SITS BACK AND GET THE SCHOOLBOY ROLL-UP!!! Shibata rolls through, BUT NOW IT’S WHITE WITH THE ATTEMPTED SNAP DDT… BUT SHIBATA FREES HIMSELF AND LANDS THE INSANE SHORT-RANGE LARIAT!!! White rolls into the corner as Shibata nearly stumbles into the opposite corner, regaining composition as White uses the corner to stand himself back up. Once he’s ready, SHIBATA BREAKS INTO A SPRINT TO LAND THE CORNER ELBOW SMASH!!! AND HE FIRES OFF A DISGUSTING FOREARM! AND ANOTHER! AND A THIRD!!! A FOURTH!!! A FIFTH!!! Shibata sprints into the opposite corner now, BEFORE SPRINTING AT WHITE AGAIN FOR THE CORNER YAKUZA KICK!!! We see White crumble in the corner now, with Shibata hitting the ropes BEFORE NEARLY TAKING WHITE’S HEAD OFF WITH THE HUGE RUNNING FACEWASH!!! AND HE YANKS WHITE INTO THE CENTER OF THE RING… ONE… TWO… THR-NOOOOO!!! IT’S WHITE WITH THE BIG KICKOUT!!!

Both men lay motionless on the mat, with Shibata eventually stumbling to his feet as he tumbles into the ropes, using them to keep himself standing as he goes to hoist White up to his feet… BUT IT’S WHITE WITH THE INSIDE CRADLE!!! ONE… TWO… THRE-NOOOOO!!! ANOTHER KICKOUT BY SHIBATA!!! Both Shibata and Okada stumble to their feet now, WITH SHIBATA ATTEMPTING THE ROUNDHOUSE TO TAKE WHITE OFF OF HIS FEET… BUT IT’S WHITE WITH THE SLEEPER SUPLEX!!! Once again, Shibata lays motionless on the mat as we see White eventually stumble back up now, as he hoists Shibata up to his feet FOR ANOTHER BLADE BUSTER!!! The Wrestler is in dire straits, as White picks him back up yet again now, BEFORE BLASTING HIM WITH A HUGE DDT!!! Taking a moment to breathe, White rolls Shibata onto his stomach now, BEFORE GRABBING THE CRUCIFIX FOR SHARP SENSATIONS!!! Quickly after realizing Shibata is out of it, RED SHOES SHOVES JAY WHITE OFF OF HIS OPPONENT, RULING HIM THE VICTOR BY WAY OF REFEREE STOPPAGE!!! SWITCH IS STILL KING!!!

Jay White def. Katsuyori Shibata in 28:09 to retain the IWGP World Championship

Various young lions and ringside personnel all tend to Shibata after that grueling match, while White stumbles to his feet, a smirk on his face. The Wrestler finds himself getting helped to the back for a brief moment, although he shoves the young lions away afterwards, staring at Jay White before voluntarily leaving.
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2022.01.24 10:09 cbvv1992 🔥50% Off Code – $9.99 Women T-Shirts V Neck Short Sleeves Tops Summer Loose Tunic Casual Basic Petal Sleeve Blouses Tees (8 colors)

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2022.01.24 10:09 git Antivaxx Protests

I'm hoping this isn't too controversial, but does anyone have any good sources for keeping track of when antivaxx and confused anti-lockdown protests are taking place in the city?
I'm a street photographer and I love shooting protests. I vastly prefer shooting protests I agree with and want to participate in, but I try to take a neutral stance and shoot those I don't agree with too. My problem is that while I'm plugged into a number of social groups that keep me informed on when BLM/Reclaim the Night/climate protests are taking place, I (mercifully) don't know anyone plugged into the antivaxx world.
If anyone knows of any counter-protest groups against them they'd be ideal, but I have no way to find out about protests like the one that marched through town on Saturday, for example, so anything will do.
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2022.01.24 10:09 ContentForager2 Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard (/r/GeForceNOW)

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2022.01.24 10:09 rensole What is a Cash Backed Call? (or a "cash secured call")

What is a Cash Backed Call? (or a This strategy is pretty much the same as a normal call, the only difference is the motivation one would have.
As a normal call can be used to trade the option itself, you can write the option and sell it and at a later point buy it back. Or one could buy a call and at a later point sell the options contract itself for profit. However there is also a third option, namely buying a call in order to exercise it so one would get the underlying stock.
You can see it as a sort of raincheck for the stock, as it allows us to postpone the decision to buy it or not, as the call we have bought in this scenario is a guarantee of the max purchase price for as long as we have the option. This leaves the investor free to take any advantage of a possible downturn in the stock price as well.
And if the stock price were to rally we as owners of the call option can consider either exercising it or selling to close it, with hopefully a higher price. And at the same time if the stock would fall below our strike price the call would expire worthless.
But the main motivation behind this strategy is that the call purchaser is locking in their opportunity to reconsider the stock purchase and if we assume that the long term outlook is still bullish it could give us a great opportunity to buy the stock at the new (lower) price in the market.
  • Buy 1 call of XYZ stock at 130 long
  • Have 130.000 worth of cash to buy the call
Maximum gains:
  • unlimited
Maximum Losses:
  • premium paid upfront

The good part about this strategy is that if the stock takes a sudden downturn, this offers some sort of protection, because we only paid the premium on this, meaning the rest of our capital is still safe.
(for example a 1 call can cost us between $1 or $100 bucks, while if the stock goes below our strike price we could have lost a lot more than 100 bucks depending on which stock you chose).
This means we are looking at a short turn sharp move upward and have a long term bullish outlook.
Even though this is a lot like a normal “long call” it’s still different in a lot of ways, because this would mean we want to actually exercise our option and pay for the underlying shares. This is different from a normal long call because a long call is often bought to be resold later or at least before it’s expiration, this is in contrast with this strategy as the intent is to buy the shares from the offset.
One way this strategy is used is to liquidate a long position (sell your normal shares) and replace it with a cash backed call. This is done for a few reasons. But the main reason behind it is to limit exposure and risk and it can even help with taxes (depending on where you are and how your state/countries laws are).
However just like with a regular option this means that the investor does not have any voting rights or receive dividends.
Maximum profits and losses
Maximum profits, just like with a regular long call, are unlimited since there is no limit to how high a stock's price can go.
The maximum losses are the premium we have paid upfront. But even this is limited, as again our intent is to buy the underlying so if the option were to expire worthless it would mean we can buy the shares at the market for a cheaper price. So to give an exact “maximum loss” is harder with this mindset as the option expiring worthless would be a good thing in a way.
Break even point
The break even point is quite different for this option as opposed to other options, as the regular method we have would be:
Break even point = strike price +premium
But because we want to buy the underlying anyway it shouldn’t be looked at like this, because of that we should instead look at this and think about it more along the lines of regular stock buying so our actual method should be:
Break even point = Starting share price - premium
Volatility: An increased IV would be a good thing for us here, as this would imply the call will be worth more, but because we want to buy the stock outright but have some protection, this is not the driving factor in this strategy.
One could always sell the contract and buy the stock at the market and use the profits of the call to get more (this depends on the Delta and IV if there would be an increase in profit potential for us to even think of this).
This strategy is there to allow an investor to purchase the stock at the lower strike price than the market currently has, and at the same time offer some sort of protection in case the stock goes down.
The main motivation behind this strategy is that the investor wants to own the stock from the get go, meaning we hope we can buy the stocks for cheaper than the current marketplace offers.
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2022.01.24 10:09 Jesusperson67 Rule and a half

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2022.01.24 10:09 suds20 He broke up after 2 years, it was very unexpected for me and im having chest pain.

We were together officially for 2 years but before that had also dated on and off. I have loved him since 5 years. He broke up yesterday saying that he had not been feeling the relationship since the past two months but he still wants to remain friends.
Im having severe chest pain especially while sleeping and im scared it will affect my health and everyday life. And im not able to accept the loss. I also have to hide all of this and my emotions from my mother as she doesnt know about any of this and Indian households are very conservative.
If someone can pls suggest anything, it will be of great help.
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2022.01.24 10:09 Iceppl A super beginner to baking. Advice needed!

Hi guys! I want to pick up a hobby and I thought baking sounds interesting. But I have never baked anything before and I was wondering if anyone can guide me where I should start. I want to start with something very basic. Thanks in advance for any input.
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2022.01.24 10:09 Physic609 I have become old with this game son -Osama bin laden

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2022.01.24 10:09 creaous ...

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2022.01.24 10:09 muntaxitome Recordbedrag aan hypotheken afgesloten in december

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2022.01.24 10:09 -The_Grim_Reaper i dont deserve you, you deserve the world

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2022.01.24 10:09 WinteryMoon Not a vet — is this worm larva??? Very worried. His mother was an outdoor stray, she had worms, and we know he had some worms when we got him, we treated him with some at-home dewormer and it cleared up for a bit. We haven’t been able to take him to a vet yet. He’s 9 months.

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2022.01.24 10:09 murpNL Titel Ida Adolphina Frederika van Beuningen

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2022.01.24 10:09 Devanand100 Are you as fit as an Indian cricketer, this video talks about a New bcci fitness test and how to run 2km in 8:30.

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2022.01.24 10:09 Hot-Possession2051 Why some prominent philosophers twit about unrelated and stupid things every minute?

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