sni2r ykkz3 r5sk7 edits 52raf zzt4a 7hre7 64fek 8zen9 aydkb yd4ae 8z5sn 5kzft sbi3h z275b 76z9e 3yisy rrff7 yaheh 52kbn y3bss Does playing the game at 120fps break anything? |

Does playing the game at 120fps break anything?

2022.01.24 10:49 hashcrypt Does playing the game at 120fps break anything?

I'm replaying Sekiro after beating it last year and wanted to take advantage of my beefier PC and OLED TV capabilities. So after a bit of googling I discovered the fps unlocker mod and I gotta say Sekiro at 120fps plays like a dream.
Before I get too much farther in the game, I want to make sure that nothing critical is broken or whatever if the frame rate is unlocked. I don't want to play the game on game journo mode so if 120 fps breaks the game fundamentally then I'll have to stop using it.
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2022.01.24 10:49 Curious_Bread_2520 Inaccurate Results. Comparison with G25 and Gedmatch.

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2022.01.24 10:49 PiedPoule Quer trabalhar no Google? Empresa vai abrir 200 vagas no Brasil

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2022.01.24 10:49 dailycodingpost running sub4sub, need 6 subscribers to reach 200 sub goal, please help me thank you in advance :)
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2022.01.24 10:49 Andre3000RPI Daily upside

Good morning and happy income tax filing season. America’s understaffed Internal Revenue Service will begin accepting individual tax returns for 2021 today, although the agency remains mired in what the White House called “unacceptable backlogs” on returns from 2020.
In her annual report to Congress tabled earlier this month, the IRS’ internal watchdog Erin Collins said a major contributor to the backlog last year was 35 million returns that required manual processing. So word to the wise: if you want your money back, file online. MORNING BRIEF • New York opened up the mobile gambling floodgates and in came $600 million. • A famous activist investor finds his next target. • Train robberies are hammering Union Pacific, but law enforcement blames the company for its problems.
GAMBLING New York Mobile Sports Betting Sees $600 Million Wagered in Under Two Weeks In sports, records are made to be broken and, in sports gambling, those records are made for crazy parlays you can brag to your buddies about.
And just two weeks after allowing sports betting on phones, New York (and New York gamblers) have set their own record. The first four mobile sportsbooks in the state took a whopping $603 million in bets between their January 8 launch and January 16. The Tortoise and the Parlay New York may be home to the City that Never Sleeps, but it was late to this party. Residents in neighboring New Jersey have been able to bet on sports from their phone or laptop since 2018 and the Garden State has benefitted from an enormous boost as a result. In October, New Jersey announced over $1.3 billion was bet on sports that month alone, the vast majority coming from people’s electronic devices. Two other neighbors — Pennsylvania and Connecticut — also got the jump on the Empire State.
Last year, New York greenlit two consortiums — one consisting of Caesars Sportsbook, Wynn Interactive, Resorts World, and Chicago’s Rush Street, the other of FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, and Bally’s Interactive — to take the lead on launching its own mobile gambling ecosystem. Like the proverbial tortoise, the state very quickly lapped its competition: • The $603 million in bets during the launch period equates to $67 million per day in wagering and, according to analysts at PlayNY, that level crushes the $41.9 million in sports wagers per day placed during New Jersey’s record October. • The mobile gambling consortiums in New York made $48.2 million in revenue from bets placed between January 8 and 16 — Caesar’s led the pack with $22.7 million in gross revenues, followed by FanDuel with $14.1 million and DraftKings with $10.9 million. Take the Split: The state takes a 51% cut of revenues from mobile gambling, meaning it made a cool $24 million in less than two weeks. The money will go to educational funding, jobs, a $6 million fund for addiction programs, and $5 million for youth sports throughout the state. Call it a win-win.
INVESTMENTS Nelson Peltz’s Trian Partners Acquires A Stake In Unilever When British goods conglomerate Unilever made a $68 billion bid for GlaxoSmithKline’s consumer health business last month, it took a big swing. When the deal was rejected last week, it left the business — and embattled CEO Alan Jope — more than a little exposed.
By Sunday, it was clear investor group Trian Partners smelled blood in the water. Nelson Peltz’s $8.5 billion activist hedge fund, which has a propensity for quickly ratcheting up the pressure on executives, has taken a stake in the consumer goods giant, which counts Dove and Ben and Jerry’s in its portfolio. Paranormal Activist Peltz and Co. are known for injecting life into struggling conglomerates, having infiltrated the boardrooms of megafirms including Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, and Kraft in order to push for better shareholder returns. Unilever, which has faced an investor revolt in recent weeks as shareholders question an M&A heavy strategy, is the quintessential target.
The size of Trian’s stake in $127 billion Unilever, first revealed by the Financial Times, is unknown, but the firm’s presence may be welcome for analysts and investors who have been pushing the company to sort out its core businesses rather than get distracted by M&A: • Unilever’s pursuit of GSK’s consumer health business ended with a standoff, as the latter held out for a better price and a selloff sparked an 11% dip in Unilever’s share price; the plummet ended when Jope promised to back off the deal. • Unilever’s stock has fallen almost 18% in the past year, putting it behind rivals in the hygiene and packaged food sectors, and the stock has improved a mere 13.7% in the last five years (the S&P 500 rose 27% last year alone). Answered Prayers? In the fallout of the failed GSK acquisition, top Unilever shareholder Terry Smith issued a scathing post-mortem skewering the company's direction. This deal was "a near death experience as it now appears that Unilever’s attempt to purchase the GSK consumer business is now thankfully dead rather than the value of our investment in Unilever.” Smith went on to deride Unilever's “penchant for corporate gobbledegook”.
Count Smith as one party likely happy with the Trian news.
SPONSORED BY ACRETRADER The Old Investment Crushing It Since 1990 Ahh, the ‘90s… a time when some people (not us) thought the best investment was buying as many Beanie Babies as you could afford and hoping they’d get you a mansion in Key West some day.
While that plan didn’t exactly pan out, there is another, even older investment – one that has seen positive annual returns every year since 1990.
What is it? Farmland.
Historically, farmland has produced enormous wealth spanning multiple generations. And now, thanks to AcreTrader, you can easily invest in it (without having to go buy it yourself).
AcreTrader’s farmland investing platform lets you: • Diversify your portfolio with an asset that averages an 11.0% annual return and has unparalleled stability • Hedge against inflation by creating a commodity (food, duh) • Build equity without overleveraging yourself Interested in getting in on the action? See how right here. TRANSPORTATION An LA Train Robbery Spree Has Union Pacific and Law Enforcement Blaming Each Other
The spirit of Butch Cassidy and his gang of infamous train robbers has lived on in film, television, and literature for over a century. Unfortunately for America’s second-largest railway, it’s also having a comeback in the real world.
Union Pacific, the rail giant with a $155 billion market cap, says it has been the victim of a spree of train robberies in Los Angeles over the last 12 months. The company is worried law enforcement isn’t doing enough, while law enforcement blames Union’s own lax security. One Spicy Retort The LA tracks in question lead to a Union Pacific rail yard that serves as an important transit point for Amazon, FedEx, and UPS packages before they’re shipped off to sorting facilities. Thieves have taken to breaking into railcars, making off with goods, and leaving boxes strewn across the side of the tracks — a video posted earlier this month provides a dramatic illustration of the problem.
Union Pacific says criminal rail theft in LA has risen 160% since December 2020, and that $5 million worth of its own property has been stolen from its rail lines. Law enforcement and the company have reacted with finger pointing: • Union Pacific complained to the City of LA last month that police aren’t monitoring the railways and that prosecutors are letting people arrested in railcars off with misdemeanors. • The LA District Attorney shot back that criminal cases involving Union Pacific as a victim have fallen in the last two years from 78 to 47. “It is very telling that other major railroad operations in the area are not facing the same level of theft at their facilities as UP,” LA DA George Gascó wrote to the company. “My office is not tasked with keeping your sites secure.”
Blame to Go Around: According to LAPD captain German Hurtado, who spoke to The Wall Street Journal, UP’s private security force has just six officers on patrol between Arizona and the Pacific coast. But the LAPD is also short 2,000 officers. California Governor Gavin Newsome proposed a $255 million grant to establish a law enforcement unit focused on retail, train, and auto robberies — if it’s approved, maybe both sides will play nice.
Extra Upside • Oops: A new report claims oil company Shell's much hyped carbon capture plant emits more greenhouse gasses than it catches. • That’ll do: Barclays figured out how to woo its New York-base
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2022.01.24 10:49 Laaanaaaaaa German Catholic priests come out as queer, demand reform

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2022.01.24 10:49 Deadfoxtrot101 Elden Ring - Taipei Game Show with ENG subtitles

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2022.01.24 10:49 cryptocalbot Contest/Competition - WePiggy Coin (WPC): January 28, 2022 3:00 PM China

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2022.01.24 10:49 rockytopbarbie FUCK YOU ROBYN

and your kids are brats with shitty little attitudes
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2022.01.24 10:49 Creative_Principle55 What are some things to spice up ramen noodles?

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2022.01.24 10:49 dev25687 This unit was kinda dead on realese, I don't know why as deals good damage has a little support she is a fair unit

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2022.01.24 10:48 Happy_Accountant_238 Dad Bod - Men Built For Comfort Books 15-20 A Contemporary Romance Collection ➱ Series Tour

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2022.01.24 10:48 AllGarageMusic Remember the days when this subreddit was for posting things about the beautiful south British county of Sussex?

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2022.01.24 10:48 Borito2005 Haven’t played this game in like 2-3 years. I’m gonna try it out again!

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2022.01.24 10:48 Moparded posted this article 2 days ago. What they don’t understand is I still own the stock. I haven’t lost anything. I feel like it’s psychological manipulation at this point. “Oh well, better cash out of the casino…” 🙄 posted this article 2 days ago. What they don’t understand is I still own the stock. I haven’t lost anything. I feel like it’s psychological manipulation at this point. “Oh well, better cash out of the casino…” 🙄 submitted by Moparded to amcstock [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 10:48 Accomplished_Bear246 My objective fot this 2022: Make projects in Blender

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2022.01.24 10:48 cryptocalbot Contest/Competition - WePiggy Coin (WPC): January 28, 2022 3:00 PM China

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2022.01.24 10:48 Evai_io Evai's Meme Mondays

Evai's Meme Mondays When you have the predictive power of AI and machine learning at your fingertips, what else do you need? 🔥​
#Evai #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #CryptoTrading #CryptoRatings #Meme #MemeMondays
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2022.01.24 10:48 Daveystronaute Another strange day

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2022.01.24 10:48 iamciccioamc Haimurak cheating in casual
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2022.01.24 10:48 cryptocalbot Open Beta Game Re-Scheduled - DoragonLand (DOR): January 28, 2022 1:00 PM UTC

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2022.01.24 10:48 PlayboiCult Busco programador Backend

Estoy haciendo un curso de Coderhouse de programacion backend (NodeJS, Express y MongoDB. Tambien bases de datos con SQL y NoSQL) y como estoy con mucho trabajo no tengo tiempo para hacer los desafio semanales del curso. Los desafios son cortitos, osea alguien que sepa backend y este mas canchero podría hacerlos muy rapido pero como yo estoy medio en bolas tengo que googlear y probar mucho para poder resolverlos. Tristemente ya no tengo el tiempo para esto.
Por eso estoy buscando un programador backend para que pueda resolver mis desafios, arreglar un precio por desafio el cual los dos estemos conformes y mandarle para adelante. Si vos podes o conoces a alguien que pueda comenta aca y te hablo y tambien mandame un mensaje privado por aca si podes. Muchas gracias!
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2022.01.24 10:48 montechristo510 Does anyone have the section 102 syllabus for ENGL 2810?

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