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2022.01.24 11:59 Ladyjane82 [Giveaway] Audiobook of choice

I just saw on someone else’s giveaway post that you can gift audiobooks with your credits and I have 3 that I will not be using! You get to pick your book and then I’ll email it to you!
Comment with the book below that you want and I’ll pick 3 people by tomorrow morning!
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2022.01.24 11:59 Financial_Ad6773 this is what my ear currently looks like. would forward helix look good with this? idk what else can i add so it doesnt look too crowded

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2022.01.24 11:59 solpaz They

They instilled, No, They enforced, The idea,
That development, Symbolizes intelligence,
They say despite the fact, That we’ve been doing it for thousands of years, Living, Just to simply be, Is mindless,
Because what purpose does time serve, If it’s unprofitable,
Production is the ultimate goal, And make it efficient,
A slow paced lifestyle, Cherishing life’s moments, They say that’s lazy, Wasteful even,
The only real medicine, Has medicine for medicine, And comes from a billion dollar industry,
All that other stuff, They say, Is pure nonsense,
Did you know,
War and power are necessary evils, The ones that preach for peace are naive,
The ones that beg for peace, Must be rescued,
By the very entity disrupting the calm,
Violence, For the sake of authority, That is called defending freedom,
Violence, For the sake of protecting, The lifestyle of your ancestors, Is savage,
How ironic,
The epitome of freedom, Was created by force,
As I was saying,
Emotions are useless, An obstacle even,
You see facts are only that which can be proven, By mere humans,
A speck in the grand scheme of things, But somehow, We have all the answers,
But we’re not alone, Data and technology are the future, Because technology never fails...
You know, The thing we created, With a limited mind, In a limitless world,
I’m sorry,
Did you just suggest, Using your intuition? Have you gone mad?
You see,
Our minds, Are our greatest strength, But only, If use them how we are told to,
Any thought that we think for ourselves, Any idea that cannot be proven, In a lab, Is a fallacy,
How convenient.
If you ask me,
They, They are the robots taking over this world, And pulling us in, Into their miserable world, Of manufactured bullshit,
They, They are the fools, Assuming they have an ounce of control, Over an entire universe,
What a silly idea, To loosen our grip, And all live as one,
With the goats and the pigs, Even the wolves, Even the sharks,
With the trees and the oceans, Even the hurricanes, Even the earthquakes,
And enjoy our time here, Respectfully, Together,
How foolish of me...
To suggest settling, For everything we have, When we could waste our time, Begging for more,
They, They are relentless,
But so are we, So are we.
comment 1
comment 2
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2022.01.24 11:59 CromaShin [THEORY] Welcome to the Kep1everse.

[THEORY] Welcome to the Kep1everse. Hello, this is a journey through the Auroral Dream.
Chaehyun confirmed the existence of the Kep1er's Universe in their WA DA DA MV Reaction and she asked the fans if they could read the different and hidden meanings, so here we are.
Kep1ians are ahead of time and some of us have already made theories. However I have waited the end of promotions in order to get every glimpse of lore the members could give during interviews and stages. In this way I (hope) can get the bigger picture and link the dots. Time to put on the clown mask:
Before everything, I must debunk a previous theory I made about the name, since I've seen someone quoting it and taking it as a reference. At that time I said the name "Kep1er" comes from a solar system named Kepler-19 which hosts 3 planets, like the 3 korean, japanese and chinese groups, trying to correct Yeojin Goo. With the sake of time I can assure that Mnet has never meant to match the three groups from GP999 and the debuting group with a real solar system just for fun. However, the apple didn't fall far from the tree, in fact the origin of the meaning still remains because the Kepler Mission discovered plenty of solar systems and especially Binary Stars: two stars that revolve around each other, just like the Name Animation shows. I'll make another statement after the post that will rearrange what I just said, be aware.
First of all let's make a summary of everything we've seen and deducted from official content, describe everything relatable to the lore and make logical and direct links.
In the M Countdown HOT DEBUT Stage of Wa Da Da, Mnet shows us the Genesis of the Kep1everse, the very beginning:
Space, lost light and quiet.
A telescope with bright stars
The girl opens her eyes
Unresponsive universe
The girl's signal never stops
At the time, the two suns are getting closer
The moment the sun becomes one
The whole universe colored with lavender
Now I'm running to the adventure of Auroral dream
Cool poem, but let's try to explain it in a clearer way:
At first, there was nothing. Then Chaehyun watches through a telescope. She is alone and she doesn't want, so she is sending signals to meet other people. But nobody reply. She keeps sending signals. Until the day the two suns will become one: finally someone responds to the signals, "YES WE COPY". Chaehyun is not alone, there are people who want to meet her. The travel has begun.
What is yet to be determined is what COPY does mean, what the two suns represents and why the girls reply only after the sun becomes one. Let's talk about it later.
The story is just begun, let's keep going with the Debut stage:
Chaehyun is in the center of the circle (sun), then watches Xiaoting. Two suns behind her and she controls them with her her hands. The song starts:
It's you, and I Let's start
N-N-Now arrived at this place Watch my step Follow my signal
One, check it, two, carefully Raise it a bit higher, radar, radar
Where are you? Do you see me? Here, I'll send a signal, catch it
It is clear from the lyrics that the girls are connected but not together, they need to follow the signals to gather up and ultimately color the universe with lavender, which is their goal (and their representative color). How are trying to reach each other? Here comes trouble.
First Impact, the title of the first minialbum, refers to the first impression a person make in front of another, this is the liminal meaning, the normal one. The sub-liminal meaning that is useful for us is that finally someone reply to the signals of Chaehyun and that's the first impact they have of each other. Need to mention that the two suns are about to collide and and impact will occur.
Wa Da Da, as explained by other fans and members themselves, is the onomatopoeia of running, in fact the girls are trying to meet each other quickly and encourage themselves to hurry up, be brave and realize their dream. In a more detailed insight, the liminal dream is what Yujin said in the MV reaction and other promotions: run towards the love of the fans and meet them. The sub-liminal one is obviously deeper and is about meeting themselves, their alter-ego which lives in the other sun. I'm not going to explain this to keep it short, but this is also a reference about the lyrics of MVSK, check it out.
The main source of the lore we have is the MV so let's watch is carefully and catch everything interesting:
00:05 Chaehyun is alone in the house, lights flicker, she approaches a telescope and watch outside, with her right eye.
00:09 the telescope is pointed at the other planet, where the girls have blue energy and black outfit (in other theories I've seen this referenced as "Cool" outfit and as C1 from the Concept Photo 3)
00:16 back at the house, the camera zoom out from Dayeon's left eye. Here the girls have the C- outfit.
00:25 new place, the playground. Here the girls are in pink, the C0 outfit. There is the first teleporting. The sky is lavender and a planet is seen close.
00:32 C0 Chaehyun alone in a room, let's say it's a corridor, behind her a pink sun. Most probably a sort of a portal that links the worlds.
00:35 Still Chaehyun but in the C1 world, dancing with the girls in front of electronic devices, similar to old broadcasting radio stations. The station is needed to send signals.
00:42 C- Youngeun connects with C1 Youngeun outside the radio station. Other servers and electronics are found.
00:46 it is seen clearly the connection between the two worlds
00:50 also in C1 world, as is the C0 world, we see a really close blue planet in the sky, with blue rings.
00:53 C0 Yeseo near the portal connects with C1 Yeseo.
00:56 C1 Dayeon has pink energy.
01:00 C0 Yujin and Dayeon gather blue energy in C0 pink world.
01:03 Pink C0 OT7 members dance in the portal with the pink sun behind. After Yeseo and Mashiro gather energy we dive into the portal and travel, before with pink and then with blue energy, into C1 world. Knowing the formation of the choreography the two members should be at the sides in the front row, but couldn't fit all in the frame.
01:17 C0 Xiaoting is surrounded by blue aurora lights and particles.
01:19 C1 Hikaru sitting in the radio station. From the lyrics we can deduct she is calibrating the position and direction of the radars, seen in the Hot Debut intro. The first is ok, "check it", the second one must be fixed carefully, a bit higher.
01:27 C- world house has some yellow electricity running on the walls
01:29 with green/blue energy the girls disappear and teleport.
01:34 C0 world, it's night now and the playground is yellow and lit by yellow light, similar to the one just ran on the C- house.
01:38 C0 Bahiyyh in the portal, then again in the playground.
01:41 pink Aurora lights surround C- Chaehyun in the C- world.
01:45 back to day in the C0 world, C- Chaehyun connects with C0 Chaehyun
01:48 C0 Yeseo dance with lavender energy channelled in her hands.
Yeseo with purple energy hands
02:02 C0 Dayeon and Hikaru gather lavender energy and a burst occurs.
02:10 back to night in C0 world, Bahiyyh and Xiaoting gather blue energy.
02:17 at the portal, C0 OT9 dance. Then travel into the portal
02:21 C- world but in red / hot pink atmosphere.
02:26 a flicker of the lights and the house goes back to normal colors
02:28 the three girls teleport with a yellow blink.
02:29 a white blink make appears all the girls. A super discharge of white electricity caused by all the members gathering energy make the place switch from white light to red one until all teleports.
02:37 After Xiaoting everyone re-appears, with the red light coming inside from windows.
02:46 teleports here and light switches there
damn look at this incredible cgi effect (jk but that part every frame is like this)
02:51 with a burst of aurora the girls in the C0 world dance, the same does C1 and C- until the end of the video. Note that they went out the C- house set to dance.
Before making theories we need to disclose another piece of the lore, the Connection Film. I'm not going to timestamp it because there is no need so I will just describe the interesting parts.
At the beginning we are in C- world and the girls are totally bored. Then a blue light starts blinking outside the window. We have a bunch of beauty shots of the girls of all planets, someone plays with the props and the set. The electronic devices in C1 discharge electricity. In C0, the girls go away from the portal, which turned white. After they went out of the camera, the portal shows the C- house with the girl still in boredom since the start of the video.
C0 girls going out/away from the portal
C- girls bored through C0 portal
SO, all these things from the MV are real, I still haven't make any assumption. What I deducted from the MV I sorta already said describing the scenes but it's better if explained again and adding something else:
  • We have only seen the sky of C0 and C1 and they both had a planet.
  • the portal in the corridor is seen only with girls in C0 outfit so we can deduct it's placed in C0 world.
  • From the previous two sentences we can say C0 and C1 are the two close planet.
  • in Electronics and Digital Signals 0 and 1 are the two states of the system: high or low, on or off. in Internet Technology 0 and 1 are the numbers of the binary code used to code everything.
  • In a way or in another every girl in the MV has connected with her alter ego of the other planet
  • The girls still haven't met: in the last scenes we see them dancing on their own planet at the same time, but still, they aren't together.
  • This is an extremely important statement that could cover up or explain a lot of things: between the two suns there is small white sphere, as seen in a brief moment in the Hot Debut Intro.
That white spot in the middle isn't for sure a far star because makes big movements together the suns when the camera moves.
  • regarding this sphere, I can theorize that it's the C- world. Since 0 and 1 are the two states of the system, - must be in the middle, as a link.
  • This theory can be enhanced by 00:46, from the C- world the signal sent by Youngeun travel and see this:
Processing img 553p4ng72nd81...
  • C1 girls don't teleport at all
  • C- teleport a lot
  • C0 teleport only once at 00:25 and without energy
  • C1 is the only world where aurora hasn't surrounded any members
  • A fellow Kep1ian noted that the energy coming from their hands is different, in fact there are some korean characters like 오, read as "oh" that is the word they are singing. I can assume that their energy isn't electricity like C1 but actual words, like magic. (for the men of culture i would reference to the stand Echoes of Jojo Diamond Is Unbreakable)
Processing img j3aakdtw9nd81...
Back at the starting question, how do they can reach each other? In this comeback they just acknowledged that there are other girls outside their world and they must reach them quickly. For now the C1 girls have communicated with the radio station, C- girls, mostly Chaehyun has seek with the telescope, C0 girls has the portal which seems like they used.
Little trivia related to the lore:
Processing img epm5rql69nd81...
I can theorize that in the next comeback they will finally meet and blend their alter-egos together, as the two suns becomes one.
I hope this post will be a reference for the next theory post and that some Kep1ian with a good theory YouTube channel will take inspiration and information from this. Let's make WAKEONE want to go deeper in the Kep1everse as other k-pop agencies are doing.
I'd really love if you can discuss and make more theories about this and the next content we'll get. Kep1ians fighting!
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2022.01.24 11:59 apope71603 What a body

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2022.01.24 11:59 Severe_Sweet_862 I forgot you had the fixth fenf

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2022.01.24 11:59 OutlawXGP Finally managed to get my GT5 Multiscreen setup going

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2022.01.24 11:59 svanapps As Kazakhstan Descends into Chaos, Crypto Miners Are at a Loss

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2022.01.24 11:59 aanpanman For an account under $25k, is it worth it to apply for margin trading?

I'm aware of PDT rules and such, but webull doesn't make it very clear if there are other limitations to a small account using margin. I want to play options but it seems they are not available in cash account. Thanks.
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2022.01.24 11:59 complicated_girl What should I do about schedule working o/n

I’ve been working as an o/n associate for 4 months now. On my schedule it shows I am part time because I get 3 days off but they end up scheduling me to have 2 days off. So I don’t know if I’m part time or full time and I don’t have consecutive days. I discussed with my lead and he said he would work with my days off but he hasn’t been into work. Also I explained to him that my mom was sick which is why I needed the consecutive days off.
I don’t have off until Sunday, they scheduled me to work 6 days in a row And I really need Friday and Saturday off because my mom can’t walk and she is staying by herself all night but I’m scared to ask if I can get the days off just this week. I only have 12 hrs of ppto :( what should I do?
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2022.01.24 11:59 archerman154336 Rex Silentium MG10 ultra 308 vs Dead Air Nomad-L

I keep going back and forth on what 30 cal suppressor to get for my .308 rifle. Weight is not a concern as I mostly just do just bench or prone shooting, I am just going for quietest possible can. I was dead set on getting a Nomad-L but a while ago I was looking at Rex and my buddy said they are better than Dead Air. I also love the raw finish on the Rex cans. Either way I am going to get the Keymo system but I saw the Torrent muzzle break/QD system but can't find much about the company or the system. Does anyone have any experience with them or should I just stick with Keymo? Thoughts on getting MG10 ultra 308 vs Nomad-L?
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2022.01.24 11:59 Organic_dichotomy Sourdough chocolate chip—I’m never going back!

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2022.01.24 11:59 _hopelessnobody Manchester City will resist efforts to allow Liam Delap out on loan for the second half of the season with the plan for him to build back his fitness in Under-23 matches as well as training with the first team squad and the ambition to contribute to the first team in the second half of the campaign.

Manchester City will resist efforts to allow Liam Delap out on loan for the second half of the season with the plan for him to build back his fitness in Under-23 matches as well as training with the first team squad and the ambition to contribute to the first team in the second half of the campaign. submitted by _hopelessnobody to MCFC [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 11:59 Puzzleheaded_Cap8823 New lighting system

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2022.01.24 11:59 BusterWendyBean Ginger Danger (Mint Chocolate Chip Mysteries Book 2) by Emmie Lyn

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2022.01.24 11:59 Other-Initial-4394 Job Title

For those who are taking level I, what is your job title?
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2022.01.24 11:59 BOSSBABY33 Time Traveler is also confused right now

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2022.01.24 11:59 SweetBabyGayPod Editing on IPad Pro

Does anyone do editing on an IPad Pro? What app do you use and how does it go?
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2022.01.24 11:59 queuedUp MRW I get a papercut from the Bandaids box.

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2022.01.24 11:59 ASTICKINYOURACKYARD Unless you have to leave for the bathroom or let the dog out or something like that leaving in duels is such a wimp move

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2022.01.24 11:59 dainscough Got a Strange Flicker on some shots.

Got a question you peeps maybe able to help with. took my drone out over the weekend. Great Sunshine the type you only get in the winter and not a breath of air. However I did seem to get some artifact flickering on some shots. Looks kinda like the effect that you get when trying to film under LED lights. I am thinking this is an effect from the props. Filming in (30fps), the Sun was directly on the right of the Drone around 45-50 degrees above the horizon. You can see it in the first minute or so of this video https://youtu.be/fqwZAIptN9k
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2022.01.24 11:59 AstronomyPhoto what are these red spots on my hand?

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2022.01.24 11:59 Mohammad01639 Earn up to 110$ by competing in medical condition surveys/interviews (Worldwide +18)

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Good luck.
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2022.01.24 11:59 Macroc0sM tastes funny

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2022.01.24 11:59 newsdk Seneste nyt om coronavirus: Det seneste døgn er 40.348 blevet smittet med corona

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